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  1. So is frontlines the first non standard battle mode that WG have introduced that is actually POPULAR?

    It only took them 5 years and like 5+ tries of new modes lol

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina
    3. DHP


      4 hours ago, Haswell said:

      T8 only mode is a great way to coax people to buy T8 prem tanks. If WG is smart they will keep it at T8 only.

      You don't think ahead enough. 

      1/ Implement Frontline at tier 9
      2/ Add Very good premium tank at tier 9 available for 750k free xp (like Wows which makes massive credits)

      3/ $$$

    4. Kolni


      I'm pretty sure the winter mode was a huge success as well. Shitton of credits, free crews and XP. I mean I ground out a full reroll back then, 0 battles on any mode but winter and it had two 4 skilled crews and enough free XP for two T10s lmao


      I've enjoyed frontline to the point where it's nice that you can play tanks as a good player without having to bother with performance. Who cares if you don't get general when you get a shitload of credits anyway? I autopilot 90% of the FL games and still have great results which is why I like it. It's something I can while watching a movie when I don't just wanna sit still, but still focus on the movie or some shit like that. 

      Now for the actual map balancing on the other hand it's actually fjords level bad :doge: