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  1. Rip pref MM tanks.


    Bad idea on this one WG. Also, note how they sort of just added it on at the end quickly to try and detract from the fact.

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    2. Hellsfog


      I do like how WG phrases as if they are going you a favor by letting you exchange a tank they removed pref mm and "balanced" for another tank for only 2,000 gold.

      Yes, dear player, you paid good money for that tank so if you are unhappy with the changes, I don't know what we could do. I tell you what, and this is only because we are friends, give us only a little bit more money, and I let you exchange it for another tank. Only because you're a good customer, tovarish. 

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Please don't gloss over the fact that WG are doubling down on 3/5/7 MM with this change. Premium tanks are changed because of 3/5/7 MM and only because of 3/5/7 MM. The wording and emphasis on "We are changing this because 3/5/7 produces bad results for pref MM premiums" outright says so.


      Funny because some pref 8s are much better to play in randoms because they only saw 8s and 9s. 

    4. Assassin7


      The only reason Id play an 8 im not grinding any more is if it was pref. Credit grinding in non pref tanks is extremely unfun. I guess ill be sticking purely to strongholds from now on

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