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  1. the more I play ranked the more obvious how unbalanced tier 10 is becomes.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      The problem I have is with the Type 5's. I've been having matches with one team having like four or five of these things, usually driven by some shitters and that team always wins because they simply HE everything to death. Hull down Super Conqs or 430U make no difference. They just suffer from HE spam all the same.

    3. Assassin7


      I dont even have a problem with type 5s at the moment. Just heat through the turret face and try not to get hit. Shit doesnt work with super conqs and 430Us...


      Hell, the 268v4 isnt even a problem, not many people are playing it.

    4. mati_14


      That thing of who has more S. Conquer wins, it's not completely true in my experience, got 15 last friday full IS-7, and the only issue with S. Conquer is the speed, some maps like Malinovka, Redshire, Arctic Region and Live Oaks are dominated by the tanks that can take the brawl area first because of the positional advantage, and here is where 430U shines, along with 5A and 277. Still agree that SC concept is completely wrong. Why would we need an armored 215B?. In any case, I feel like all tier 10 2016/2018 should be nerfed a bit, reduce 907/430U/SC/5A/277/STRV DPM, nerf 268V4 armor even more, put IS-7 at 2200 HP, etc. It's funny to me how tanks  like 113/260/E5/STB are now utter trash because of this retarded powercreep.

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