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  1. the more I play ranked the more obvious how unbalanced tier 10 is becomes.

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    2. mati_14


      S.Conquer and 430U are the problem, we shouldn't have this many inmune hulldown tanks. IS-7 and 62A were more than enough.

    3. Assassin7


      The problem with the Super Conq in ranked is that its invincible hull down, has best in class Gun handling, DPM, it has APCR pen, it has decent mobility, it has good hull armour. it has literally everything. the 430U is a 907 that has more armour AND better gun with not many negative tradeoffs. I'd rather fight Type 5s than super conqs. 

      And the sad fact is, if you don't have either of those tanks, your ability to rank up, especially in higher ranks where literally everyone is running Super conqs or 430Us with the occasional mix of 5A/277/Type 5 being able to do anything becomes extremely difficult. 

      Im playing my STB and Its extremely difficult to get wins in because everywhere I deploy is also where one or more of the 5+ enemy super conqs will deploy and just win without having to even try. Even using my 907 is difficult. 

      It just ends up being that the team with more super conqs has a massive advantage. but its not just that tank that is the problem. its the whole entire class balance. Its completely borked. 

    4. hazzgar


      @OperatorError damn that doesn't seem like that bad of an idea Though conqs can be penned under the gun with heat/acpr


      @Assassin7 use an is7 and get exp just by being the most forward tank that survives. It's hard to influence wins but on loses you lose ranks less often and on wins you are often top in your team so +2 chevrons

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