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  1. why the hell did they have to change earlenberg from the cool unique map it was to just another stupid boring corridor brawl map. ugh its so boring now. 

    1. sohojacques


      Assault on the old map was was possibly my favourite map in the game. The new map highlights everything that’s  wrong with WGs current take on the game. 

    2. king_spaniel


      Because this is the new formula for every new "successful rework" according to WG: 70% of the map is open field kill zone, 10% = the most predictable positions for your low IQ teammates to camp in for the entire match.  The remaining 20% of the map is actually contestable and where any competent player is forced to go.  But because it is such a small strip of the map, it too becomes entirely predictable where you will be forced to end up.

      There can be no room for creativity, flanking, (think multiple viable options or pathways).  Everything must be forced into a straight line corridor for the droolers to be able to play in their <insert random tank(not light tanks though, we're talking about actual classes that can have an impact on the game)> to do 2 shots of dmg and then throw themselves away uselessly