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  1. fuck the swede TDs. they'd literally be the first line I removed if I was in charge. before the Type 5 before the 268v4. before fucking arty.

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    2. hazzgar


      @tajj7 I'm with Kolni here. They are slow so double bushing and then coming out to spot takes a lot of time in siege mode. This lowers their dpm. 

      Also you get shot once from a low alpha gun, you know there is a td there and you play around it. Since they usually sit in unimportant parts of the map they are easy to play around. 

      Also any tank sitting in a double bush shooting will be hard to dig out. I know it's annoying to lose your 3 mark progress because some shitter camper shoots you during cleanp but using that logic we should be angry at all the pubbies sitting in very random places with high alpha tanks late game just to shoot you once and die. 

    3. lavawing


      IMO it depends on what tanks you play. Anything with APCR and low calibre guns is going to struggle against STRVs. Anything with low gold pen and isn't flexible enough to trade two for one reliably against Types will suck against Types. 

      Types are a bitch regardless of how you play against them, whereas STRVs really punish aggression and promote passivity in both teams. 



    4. Assassin7


      STRVs are easier to play around than Types and shit. but they're more cancer for gameplay. 

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