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  1. lost a 1v6 kolobanovs in T67 due to time limit because last 2 tanks ran to back of map and hid, found one and died to it trying to yolo because 20 secs left, sent PM to second politely asking where he was because I was curious if my guess was correct. his response: "Fuck you kid"


    ... okay then

    1. BadLuckCharm


      You, uh.... have enough faith in online gaming environments to hope for a different answer? Somehow, there's something good in that, positive thinking type of stuff.

      But yeah, pretty well what i'd expect.

    2. hazzgar


      Wot ironically really expemplifies why the world is shit. People do a ton of shit not to benefit themselves but to make life worse for other people. There is no sense that we're in this shit together and creating toxic behavior bounces back. It's not only online gaming. People vote out of spite and run their businesses with the same logic and this is probably one of the 3 things i literally hate and make me instantly cross someone out and never want to spend time with them. 

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