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  1. TFW getting a free 1K WN8 puts my recent just at where it was before I stopped playing tanks properly.
  2. Shhh, get out of here with your logic. that has no place in the WG balance department
  3. Its a step in the right direction, but I still think they should just nerf all the fucking new shit. And I dont agree with armour buffs. All that means is just more gold spam
  4. Announcement a few hours ago, NZ locking down effective immediately. No work, no school. For 4 weeks. Fun times
  5. NZ is two Islands in the South pacific. our closest neighbour is Australia which is a 3 hour flight away. Assuming we had no cases in the first place, closing our borders to ALL non NZ residents, and properly quarantining the relatively low number of residents coming back home from abroad as they are currently allowed to do before all passenger air traffic is halted which is currently planned, would be pretty effective in assuring we would never get any cases.
  6. Scientists: "if we dont cut our pollution within the next 10 years its irreversible"
    Coronavirus: "hold my beer"


    1. nabucodonsor


      Well this is not untrue....

  7. came back in here to post this. literally 2-3 weeks too late. we shoulda done it ages ago, before the first case even came in. :-/
  8. Just fyi incase anyone hasnt seen it, the US allegedly now has free coronavirus testing for all american citizens regardless of healthcare/insurance etc
  9. NZ confirmed cases up to 20 as of today. Gatherings of 500+ people are banned, most big events have been cancelled or postponed, Mandatory 14 day quarantine for every single person coming into NZ from abroad has been instated. People are starting to buy out more than just TP now. Work and school etc are still business as usual now though. However my work is primarily in rest homes/villages, hospitals, and construction sites (of rest homes hospitals) if the rest homes decide to lock down and not let anyone in, we've just lost a major amount of our work. And on some of the larger construction sites, it may end up breaking the limit of people gathering in one place, especially if the government lowers that limit, forcing those sites to shut down too. So short story, my company could be completely out of work soon if it keeps escalating.
  10. 4 confirmed cases in NZ, media trying to scaremonger article views and shit despite all 4 being quarantined and no major problems. People going and buying out TP and hand sanitizer like retards. Auctions for fucking $3 hand sanitizer going up on trademe (NZs Ebay/craigslist/whatever) for like $15-$20 trying to profiteer off it. Idk if anyones dumb enough to actually buy it, havent seen a lack of stock of either in every supermarket Ive been to. Borders are closed to a bunch of places, china, Iran, Korea, and Italy that I know of. Auckland Airport just announced today a trade block on their stock, most likely virus related. Some universities tried to petition the government to let chinese students here because their profits were dropping without those sweet chinese tuition fees, rightfully got told to fuck off. Otherwise its business as usual. Its just the media scaremongering over here really. Blowing shit out of proportion.
  11. woah that site still exists? (I wonder if im still a mod over there lol)
  12. I believe theres a premium tank buy back menu somewhere, i cant remember where it is though since Ive never used it. Otherwise send a support ticket, you'll need the sale cost in credits to buy it back.
  13. legitimately the same for me. I've played this game since I was literally 12 years old. being a part of it and the community actually fully influenced who I am today (In a lot of good ways, but also a few bad ways I admit) But I too look back on the time i spent playing fondly and dont regret a moment of it. I havent "quit", but bringing up the will to play has just gotten harder and harder the last year or two. Something I wish wasn't the case, but WG are being retarded
  14. Im too bad at league to comment on that lol. (but I legit almost never see aphelios in blind pick idk why)
  15. Kind of not a fan of this but also its not a bad idea. I disagree with taking especially historical tanks away (like the firefly, hetzer etc as stated earlier) and I also disagree with taking high tiers away. But simplifying the grind isnt nessecarally a bad idea. Also note that they're starting arty/TDs at tier 4/5 and not tier 2, not a completely terrible idea. You know what sucks about you saying the 113 is bad? The fact that its not bad. They buffed it right up to the top of clan wars competitiveness a few years ago, and it hasnt been touched since then, theyve just overbuffed everything else and released new, more powercreeped tanks. Thats one major reason I barely play the game anymore now.
  16. Yeah the gold spam especially honestly. 4 years ago it wasn't necessary, but good to get an edge or if you had someone in a strong position. nowadays gold spam is flat out required, especially in higher tiers. they changed game balance to balance around gold ammo pen and not standard ammo, so you gotta think of gold ammo as the standard ammo now. but playing tanks you enjoy is the #1 thing really. when I used to go on tilt, I found that the best way to get off it was to go play the T-54 (basically my favourite tank) load up near enough full HEAT, and go and basically derp into the enemies (I found when playing on tilt i'd be suuuuper passive and just do nothing all game, so going full yolo would through me out of the mindset - I've heard that others do the opposite and yolo too much when on tilt)
  17. it better fucking not be any of the CW rewards or the waffle.
  18. So, Ive been playing League of legends for a while now.

    Other than the main problem of me still being pretty bad (why is this so hard to learn) I think I only have one major problem with it:

    In order to make so many different and unique champions, quite a large number of them have their own gimmicks to their skills or gameplay. And while a lot of those gimmicks are fun and interesting, a whole lot of them are extremely unfun to play against. And of course, those champions are usually very popular. Which just ruins the game for me. Double so because im in no way good enough to be able to counter them.

    Yasuo, Zed, Shaco, Veigar are examples. 

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    2. Vindi


      @Assassin7 Basically what you need is time. Hitting the last 0,001 hp of a minion, warding and getting to know the various champs' combos is just time. You need at least half a year to know the basics (at least it was that for me) and after you can catch up with the rest. Don't worry about seconds now, it matters more in higher ranks when the players know every champions ability and the cooldowns etc. after years of playing. In a previous reply or post @kolni wrote down some CS tips, such as what minion needs how many towershots etc. check that. Also, "how to" videos are extremely helpful.

      @kolni trist is good enough to climb since its never banned these days. Yh I played senna support 2 times with the new glacial augment build plus lethality, it can be pretty broken. Aphelios is out of the world, I cannot keep up with the weapons and specifications as of yet, especially the HP backing one with the charged mark and such. I love mf also, its a great champ especially when you crit 780 with 1 Q :feelsgoodman:

      I'm staying mid / jg now since I had some good adc's and vice versa in ranked. I'm currently sitting at p3 after a good rage series and demotion from 2. I didn't play adcs since its an aram fest with 5 ppl bot getting first turret and such, I was so tilted that I went mid with diana. That is my otp. With an ekko permaban of course.


    3. kolni


      just /mute all (not fullmute tho) and start grinding ranked is my best tip tbh, get in there and get smashed for your first 10 placement games and then eventually you will end up at a rank that is near your skill level where you will be playing with people of your own skill level

      it's a difficult game, mechanics are 99% of the game up until matchups start playing out like they should (both nearing perfect etc) but until then you shouldn't worry about macro at all

      you will pick up on small tricks here and there over time that eventually builds up to well rounded laning, it depends on the champ you play of course but some things are universal

      where you should be looking in a priority order: (imo)

      your champion position > enemy champ position > minimap > enemy creep HP > your minions aggro (to see what minions are taking what damage for CSing) > enemy minion aggro (to see what minions enemy laner will likely go for, easy way to set up skill shot landing when they are locked into auto animation)

      mechanics take a while, but once you get those things down you can start autopiloting this stuff and think about the game for real (matchup, wave management, junglers pathing, objective control and so on) but start off with just focusing on being able to survive lane and get as many CS as you can, trade when you think it's a good idea (no way to learn if you don't try) and analyse why it was/wasn't and so on

      i don't have any OCE accounts and i'm a one trick player, very little to learn from me xD watch some streams of high elo players that have small viewerbases, they usually interact a lot with their viewers if you have any questions (try to find one that plays your main champs too)

    4. Assassin7


      @Vindi i hate senna as well, shes annoying af. But i practically never see aphelios. Everyone says hes broken but i almost never see him played and since im playing blind pick its not like hes getting banned


  19. Current Sky situation in NZ: yellow.


    Smoke from the Aussie Bush fires blowing over NZ are causing this. its fucking bizzare

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    2. Diriz0n


      worked a season in Dawson Creek, and skies were a silver fog,  like straight out of the horror movie, 6 weeks straight. For forest fires. the haze produced is attributed to the intensities of the fires, the fuels of the fires, and the morning fogs


    3. Expendable_Lad


      Lived last 4-5 years in LA and can confirm skies get spooky with fires blazing around. Imagine things worse there than anything I saw in SoCal. Be safe Aussie comrades. 

    4. echo9835


      I live in Denver and for a few years a haze would blow over the city every summer for forest fire season. Just be glad you don't have asthma...

  20. when Dirizon is shitposting so hard he woke up Badmin SR360 AND badmin Pityfool from their eternal slumbers
  21. What the fuck is with ded people being alive all of a sudden?
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