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  1. Just half the reload, give it 2k hp and make it tier 10 ffs
  2. To buy I picked the STB, I feel like I of all people should not have to explain my reasons why lol. to not buy I picked the Foch B. Its just... a one trick pony thats awkward as hell to play and doesn't work extremely well.
  3. anyone know of a good set of headphones for gaming? dont need a mic, just want good quality and good comfort for long periods of wearing them.

    I'll be going from Logitech G430s so yeah. 

    oh also Much, Much, MUCH prefer 3.5mm jack to USB, I've only ever had massive issues with USB audio devices. 

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      HD6xx's go for around $290 AUD when on sale, quite a bit more expensive then the logitech G432s.

    3. sohojacques


      Sony MDR7506s are $144 AUD on Amazon. I’ve got the original version and they’re great. Audio Technica M40x’s are similar coin and have an excellent reputation.

    4. Assassin7


      Im looking for around or less than $200NZD probably, so yeah.


      Im not an Audiophile, so if the sound quality is as good as my current G430s thats good enough for me. Comfort and Build quality are what im after mainly. 

  4. You're good on the english mate I wont see a need to upgrade until my PC feels like its not playing any new games maxed out at the resolution and fps I want, which is currently 1080p 60Hz. I built my rig in early 2017, so basically just before Intels Incremental upgrades due to being so far ahead of AMD ended lol. Ill upgrade it maybe next year or the year after, we'll see what games come out. Ill probably upgrade with the Nvidia 4000 series tbh. I went 660>970>1070 for graphics cards. Though the first two were both as a broke student lol, I got lucky with twitch donations to afford the 970.
  5. how come? havent watched the video. are they pricing them cheaper than the 20 series? that cost was a major downturn for me. Likewise with my 1070, still maxes every game I own at 1080p, and I don't have plans for any monitor upgrades in the near future either.
  6. I felt like i was reading a trump tweet. Away with you, stupid spambot
  7. wtf did they do to this game in the 3 months I havent played

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    2. Assassin7


      Not yet, I literally only played the STB lol. Took a few games to get back into the swing of things.


      But for the bonus, I run optics on my 140 for example over vents. But im supposed to put a "mobility" thing on my 140, so I get no extra bonus for my standard rammer/vstab/optics setup.


      Though that said, is that still the best setup for general mediums?

      I just threw my improved rammer/vents/vstab on my STB again after they got demounted

    3. Rexxie


      Yeah it's still the best setup. You have some options if youre playing baby tiers and cant use vstab, but thats about all. Optics vs boosted vents is kind of a tossup now too. Otherwise most mediums just have to ignore their mobility slot.

      I dont really like the specialty slots either. Not nerfing rammer or vstab was a mistake too, because it really limits what choices you have. I really do like the other equipment changes, though. Heavies, tds, and low tier meds actually have a pretty healthy array of options.

    4. lavawing


      The mobility bonus is typically wasted on mediums most of which don't need any more mobility anyway. Autoloaders can benefit from IRM, and the slower armoured mediums get a lot of mileage out of turbocharger, but for most of the generic mediums, e.g. T-44, T-54, Patton, etc, the old set ups will still be optimal, with vents in place of optics if you have a good crew.

      Likewise, heavies that aren't bricks don't get much out of improved hardening and the like, and vents is still the most usual option. I'm not sure if it would be any better for game balance, but I do wonder if the changes would be better if mediums got the survivability bonus and heavies got the mobility boost.

  8. me to WG Support: Every time theres an update for tanks, the game center decides that there is no internet connection and it cannot update, The only way to fix it is to uninstall and re install Tanks, I dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall every time theres a new update.


    WG support: how about you Re install the game and see if that fixes it?



    1. DrWeb7_1


      RU players also reported that WGC shouted "check internet connection, download paused" while downloading updates for the game.

  9. I like new STB but still agree with you, new STB is more gimmicky. coulda just given old STB a flat gun handling and maybe a small DPM buff and it woulda been fine.
  10. I actually prefer the stun myself. Only very slightly though. Neither mechanic works very well.
  11. Idk, I dont feel like this is unconventional, I agree with all 3 of these. Yep, Im exactly the same. its why it took so long for me to actually get the STBs 3 mark and its why I haven't bothered trying ever since (except the T29 which I did in like 10 games after noticing it was at like 88% or something) Its always been too stressful and unenjoyable.
  12. WG game center is a pile of steaming shit.


    like, 3 months ago? I wanted to play tanks. It had an update. I tried to download the update. 

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    I had to completely wipe the game center and tanks, and re install both to get it to work.

    Today, Feel like playing tanks. havent played in a month or so.

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    Fuck off WG. 


    Edit: oh but WoWS updates just fine

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      RNG is built in game center, there is 25% chance that it wont work l like it should.

  13. wait they did it in that patch? uhh ok then. I actually understood the low tier changes, but removing all the high tier tanks seems completely pointless. Just removing content
  14. Just... why? I dont see any reason whatsoever for that to happen?
  15. oh shit, when was that? I havent logged into tanks in a couple months lol
  16. Its exactly whats happening. They've been buffing and buffing pretty much only tier 10s for the last ~3 years, while completely ignoring almost everything below tier 9. The jump in power from even tier 9-10 is now becoming completely absurd.
  17. I read this, and all I can think of is "well now thats again less reason to bother loading standard ammo into any of your tanks" Also wtf the 140 getting a gun depression buff lmao? Why? Just why? But not only that, but its yet again just leaving the 62A even further behind than it already is. (Also with this buff itll pretty much confirm my longstanding opinion of 140>907)
  18. While Id still much rather see nerfs to the newer tanks and slowing down of power creep, Im highly doubting Ill be getting my wish so I guess its at least nice that they are finally giving some sort of love to older tanks. My fear is making the E5 too sameish to the SC. But when I think about it, other than just making it faster, how CAN they buff it so its not made more sameish to a tank that has more armour, more DPM, and better gun handling, when gun handling and DPM were originally the E5s strong suits... Dammit to me it still feels like things need nerfs because in my mind, the E5s current power level is what they SHOULD be aiming for in terms of vehicle balance, when instead its currently basically a tier 9.5...
  19. Id say the reason that wasnt used is because of its 1981 introduction date.
  20. Nah I legit think the EBRs are more broken than arty, and Id legit remove both them and the STRVs before I removed arty if I was running it
  21. Fucking good. Currently they are leagues better active scouts than the regular light tanks, and just as good if not still better passive scouts. Less effective is what we want. Not to mention the fact that they werent origionally supposed to be able to physically reach max VR in the first place.
  22. Oh man losing a wheel now ONLY drops it to the speed of the fastest tracked LT in the game, that makes it so much better... It should drop its max speed to 10kph, and losing a second should fully immobilise it...
  23. mfw they wont let me have the new battle hardened badge already unlocked even though I've got 2500 battles in my STB-1.


    1. Private_Miros


      Update postponed because of technical issues, so there might be patch on US to set some things right.

    2. Assassin7


      I have no idea about anything in this update, I just logged in, got told "hey new stuff here" and looked at it lol.

      so I wouldnt know

    3. BadLuckCharm


      They don't care if you did that crap before, they want to know if you can pull that stuff off now.


  24. Some People here like cars right? Taken today at a car meet I went to






    Annd the last one there is my car :P


    idk about the blue tint in some of those, brand new phone with new camera and still working out the settings lol

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    2. Assassin7



      Supras aren't very interesting over here. Heck even the Skyline GTRs draw no attention. Both are pretty common. 

      Everyone was actually crowding around the NSX, and some dude in an MX-5 with a turbo and the exhaust sticking out the bonnet lol. (Quite illegal here)

    3. Tman450



      Gross, a miata

    4. SoliDeoGloria


      Stock NSX are hot

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