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  1. Usually I'm quite confident in my play on overlord, but until now I did never get there with tanks with 3 degrees of gun depression - the WZ-120. I would like to ask some advise for this map with a WZ-120. What could I've done better to get some good damage? What locations are good for no gun depression mediums? Replay included here. Many thanks.
  2. Jhnddy

    Object 430 and comparisons to the Object 140 and T-62A by Garbad

    Thanks for the review Garbad. However, I've to say that this review is highly outdated. Instead of the lowest DPM, it was buffed and got one of the highest in the game. Besides, the difference in gun depression is only -1 degree with the object 140, and on par with the T62-A. This shouldn't lead to the strong conclusion that this tank is much weaker than the other russian mediums.