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    hallo1994 reacted to TAdoo87 in Try to guess what happened...   
    you were camping.
    It is quite obvious. 
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    hallo1994 reacted to PrinzEugen478 in Operation ST   
    "What's worse on the forums than upvote/downvote?"  
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from canadiantrex in Buying that half off walmart deli sushi, bois!!!   
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from neziho in Down with the feminism.   
    No no, a joke.
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    hallo1994 reacted to KruggWulf in Can the FCM50T beat the IS3 1v1?   
    I will SUUUUPPEERRRR SLAAAAAM HIM 1v1 all day son
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    hallo1994 reacted to Fulcrous in http://i.imgur.com/mV9bFz7.gifv   
    This was the full routine:
    Morning of Owl was pretty dope.
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    hallo1994 reacted to 8at_eNTrOpY in She doesn't know who I am, thus I fall apart...   
    ...you sir, have confused me with your random profile post!
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    hallo1994 reacted to galleri in Pixar, better watch out, cause Blizzard ain't playing games.   
    But they play games......
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    hallo1994 reacted to Fulcrous in T95 3 MARKED @SchnitzelTruck @Gandaran @Player30   
    You should PM the WGA dude
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    hallo1994 reacted to Spartan96 in Fucking Marines...   
    have you ever actually studied the korean conflict? 
    the task force there certainly won battles on the tactical end especially before china over run chosin
    sorry tried typing out a response in time it took to load a battle, pretty much America and more importantly its Marine and Army response held the Pusan perimeter against a much larger and much more well equipped NKA force until the Landings at Inchon. 
    Then we proceeded to rout the NKs and camp for the winter along the NK CN border (at chosin ) this is where Chesty Puller became his final form and single handily fought off 500k red chinese (smug dog not totally like this , but he was  there) Even while having to stage a retreat back to inchon the US and UN forces inflicted massive casualties on the Chinese counter. (like many thousands ) 
    The withdrawal itself also saw that almost all American war material and a good number of civilians escape to the safety of the south Via the US navy. Then after the fluid first 2 years of the conflict it turned into a quagmire of heavy shelling and fixed lines much like what exists today on the DMZ.
    In reality North Korea and to an extent China were spent by the fighting they put up (which only just staved off a complete defeat) and political power in the US wanted to find a solution in the non atomic means so we didn't escalate further . . . 
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Xen in   
    Further proof FaceBook is cancer.
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Xen in   
    Talk about Unrequited Love
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    hallo1994 reacted to Never in Is anyone else not loading pictures in the status update column?   
    Enable rich text and user pictures in the "Options" menu on the "Recent Status Updates" header.
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    hallo1994 reacted to Archaic_One in did you make this account just to harass me?   
    Is he giving proper trolls a bad name?  We cannot have that.
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    hallo1994 reacted to Raj in Jeb is a mess.   

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    hallo1994 reacted to hiipanda in Jeb is a mess.   
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Xen in   
    God helps this girl please...
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    hallo1994 reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in It's high noon...   
    that's the kinda guy you don't fuck with
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in That CDC (had just finished him).   
    That's a whole hell a lot of mods in your game mate...
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in This is what I imagine all of america is like:   
    There's a difference between a Yankee and a Southerner.
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    hallo1994 got a reaction from Animactus in Oh yeah France lost. *Insert German feels good meme*   
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    hallo1994 reacted to BlackAdder in P okemon GO is lyfe   
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