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  1. Quoting my self...ahem Well, yes, minus all the Noob moves I make.. This morning lots and lots of noob moves...frustrating.. I know there's things I shouldn't do - just do it like an idiot though.. Perhaps habit, not actually knowing what else to do repeating same mistakes.. I think I play aggressive, but then again I feel like a coward in some matches..So I really need someone to look at what Im doing because I cant see for the smoke H.E.L.P Gold waiting for you
  2. EU Here Would love to receive a bit of mentoring. I know I have picked up all sorts of bad habits from the day I joined, which was the very same day I purchased a KV5. Basically the tank I learned almost everything in. So, you can imagine some bad habits...Still love my KV5 btw . I think I'm a better player than most 48%ers I meet. That's not a brag - how could I. but its an honest observation. But yet my wr is to low and I'm not sure (specifically) why. Fav Tanks I have ST1 T54 KV5 T62a Object 140 STA1 KV4 (currently sold) Not sure if this is against the rule
  3. 48% WR 11000 matches Its getting embarrassing now! I try, I honestly do (at least 50+ of the time). Its all my fault. I dont blame teams, tanks or anything else. Its me. All I would like is my WR to be 50% but I just cant seem to shift that 48%. The more I play the smaller the increments of wr - and even when I do have a winning streak its cancelled out by my equal amount of losing streaks. All my matches are random - no platooning (maybe 20 matches with strangers platooning in game since I started playing) and no clans. Sometimes i do really well, carry matches (honest
  4. A much much smarter player than I was/am. It was after 47000 matches I actually started watching some videos, shooting at weak spots, and generally just playing the game in a sort of normal fashion... Noobness - Day one I bought a KV5 when I should have started playing the lower tiers first. My WR was actually as low as 42%. Its gone up but I dont know if I will ever reach 50% becasue now after 11,000 matches I just cant seem to increase from 48% and I think Im getting worse the more I try. Hence why I am here - maybe I can be saved. Anyway good stuff for such low amount of mat
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