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  1. I am late to the party. This thing kicks ass. (Only 3 standard battles in, but played a couple in FL too) Tank is pretty comfortable.
  2. 4 arty per team might be my only shot at T-55A LT-7 mission. Time to finish the WZ-132-1 grind I suppose
  3. Yeah, odd that RU leaked all the Brit, French, and Chinese buffs, yet NA fails to mention all but the French stuff.
  4. Odd, I thought they had mentioned the T-34-3 getting HD'd
  5. I think the point WG is making, is they're no longer considered scouts. Light tanks are just mediums that move faster at the sacrifice of HP and armor. If you dont dig that kind of gameplay, then you're right, there is no reason for you to play these tier 9s and 10s. If you're the guy that prefers optics to binocs, and smooth ride/snapshot over camo, then these are more likely your tanks.
  6. I cant agree more @tajj7 There should NEVER be a two tier light tank gap, and there certainly needs to be a cap on number of scouts.
  7. Saw on another post the Leo mobility was nerfed... true?
  8. Marine, you know I love you, so it pains me to disagree. I think the Type 62 is the best all around tier 7 bar none. It's got to be ranked higher. It's literally the best tier 7 medium that never gets to be top tier.
  9. I feel as though its sluggishness it it's saving grace. If I got to battle any faster, I'd be focused too hard. Pretty much the reason why I am terrible in my CDC.
  10. Great running into you last night @TheMarine0341 The T26E5 certainly seemed like a true Super Pershing. (Since I was in an actual Pershing, and your mobility matched mine) Thanks for the carry.
  11. There's nothing more "MURICA" than a giant Marlboro Eagle on the side of a red white and blue T32 knockoff. Get sum!
  12. Tanks.gg confirms. Is the 9cm really like 89.99mm?
  13. I am a permablue, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Vents, optics, GLD. The gun shoots faster than it aims after firing, so GLD gets that second round downrange faster.
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