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  1. No but seriously if you look at my last thousand games I was doing quite well but this last month has been horrifying for me anyone got any tips to get back on track maybe something I have forgotten I dont know I toke a short 2-3 week break prior so it might just be me forgetting things.
  2. I don't know but do you think shooting a cupola till a tank dies is historical But as an actual answer the historical tiger would most likely be a tier 6 but that guy is wrong about a couple of things for instance the low alpha.I would not say it has low alpha more like a mediocre alpha and least BTH this game is not about historical accuracy.
  3. I feel like the devs are 41 percent wn/r tinfoil hat players at this point......
  4. I tend to do 2 and 3 but I always want multiple fire lanes because I don't want my enemies advancing anywhere I want them to always want to have to fall back Im the kind of person who wants to not let the enemy have anything unless they take it extremely crippled the only problem is Like getting into situation where I go hill but then like 6 enemy end up there
  5. One thing I noticed with the turret the further away from the gun the stronger your turret it while the raw thickness decreases the angling drastically increase btw garbad why is that the wrong answer
  6. Worked earlier bounced a clip from a t57 amx 50 b and tier 10 waffle that was some of the worst play I have ever seen made by autoloaders
  7. So after blowing my 2k wn8 60 down by 200 with the stock t54 (no seriously I hated it stock) now it is an unbelievable monster only one problem I am WAY to aggressive and what has been happening is I either get 3k wn8 which is nice but then I also get like 500 wn8. (exchange the wn8 for the damage either like 2.5k-3.5 or like 800) So basically I cant stop being aggressive Ive always been the kind of person to always want to attack but because of the speed of the t54 I'm getting myself it situations where I either do amazing or terrible I am terrible at judging when to attack because I alw
  8. If anyone is willing to platoon with me and teach me the ways of the t54 it would be greatly appreciated
  9. You kidding death I except already 3 are up but are over shadowed by the people claiming invis tanks and warpacks
  10. But a serious reply to OP how I start was learning how to successfully win a fight Armour angling aiming weak spots an maneuvers before learning tactical play that is a great way to start for example lets say a heavy tank with lots of armor is pushing you and you can only shoot the front a good idea is to reverse and after building up some speed turn to the side so he pushes you around his tank into the side armor
  11. Indeed welcome and hope you are able to learn a lot here and improve your play as I have
  12. Just messing around but seriously hes a lot better than I was when I actually seriously started to learn
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