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  1. I stopped playing about 18 months ago (after Fochgate and "Not Mingles with Jingles 198"). Am I missing anything good? Any reason to come back?
  2. Tankrewards "Tanksgiving" special has a bunch of gifts you can give away to another player. I have a free garage slot I can gift. Anyone want to swap?
  3. T-34-2 - 20 110 - 20 TVP VTU - 5 - 3 = 2 bad tank is bad AMX AC 48 - 20 AMX 50 100 - 21 Rhm. B WT - 20 Jagdpanther II - 25 VK 45.02 A - 17 Panther II - 17 Indienpanzer - 20 STA-1 - 20 O-Ho - 20 Centurion I - 17 AT-15 - 20 Caernarvon - 20 Charioteer - 20 T69 - 21 T28 Prototype - 14 Pershing - 21 T32 - 21 +1 = 22 because invincible turret is invincible ISU-152 - 20 SU-101 - 20 Object 416 - 21 T-44 - 20 IS-3 - 27
  4. I will. It had/has some issues, but there were some magic moments, too. Poor management by Wargaming and abuse by toxic elements in the community (enabled by the poor management by Wargaming) triggered the PvP death spiral, and now we are where we are.
  5. It looks like Wargaming has changed their terms of service. - 12.4.1: In case of a closing of a WG game, Wargaming has to announce it no less than 180 calendar days in advance and has to send a letter on the address of all the users. There are no compensations awarded in connection with the product closure (as in, you won't get anything back once the game closes http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.com/2015/09/910-terms-of-use-changes.html
  6. I don't think I'm playing this map optimally in my lights, especially from the SE spawn. Any advice on magic bushes, active versus passive scouting, dealing with the south side push, etc?
  7. Sigh....I used to love this game. Some good times. RIP.
  8. Rate of fire is key. Since this one is so RNG dependent, higher ROF gets you more lottery tickets. As Marine mentioned a few posts back, consider getting the Deadeye perk on your gunner.
  9. +1. This. For something as simple as a cable modem, Comcast should be able to send you a new one, and you can swap it out yourself. Call tech support and ask for this. If they don't do it on the first call, call them once a day or so to tell them that it still isn't working. After a few calls, it will be cheaper for them to send you a modem then to keep responding to your calls.
  10. You da man. Thank you for mentioning the ISU. http://imgur.com/DcaQ4R6
  11. TD 8.4 is becoming a Flail-a-thon for me. "Mission 8(4)deal 5 times as many damage than the hitpoints of your vehicle (win, survive)" I've been using the Hellcat and DickerMax with no luck. Any tips on what TDs and what maps I should be looking for?
  12. Several comments made about getting the right map. This matches my experience as well. I would add Hidden Village as another great map to counter battery on, since most arty players go to the same limited area. http://www.vbaddict.net/heatmaps/hidden_village/43
  13. I'm really thinking about playing again. RIP me?
  14. Purchased: 'T-34-3' sucessfully purchased. Spent gold: 9,350. Purchased: '8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger' sucessfully purchased. Spent gold: 8,500. Thanks all for the input. I already had the FCM and IS-6.
  15. Since tanks with premium matchmaking are being slowly removed from the shop, what are your "must buys"? Especially with everything on sale right now, I don't want to any good ones (damn you Type 59).
  16. Didn't realize that it lived on in the "garbage can". Damn, I miss rbs.com
  17. I remember the forum thread spawned by that article. EPIC! Too bad it got binned. Addendum - just reread the article. I had forgotten how salty is was. Hilarious read.
  18. Are these in the game yet? If so, how do you manage them?
  19. Hmmmm....how many RO's are going to come from this thread? Shame, it started as a good discussion.
  20. I've been getting some strange aileron rolls for no reason when I'm flying straight and level at a target. Just me, or has anyone else experienced this?
  21. Since there seems to be some confusion on Time Zones in this thread: - The sun rises in the East - much of Euroland is about 6 hours ahead of the East Coast USA - 3 AM Central European Summer Time is 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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