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  1. Oh boy. Well, give I'll it a try. Won't lose anything I guess
  2. I am trying to start playing again, and I just wanted to know what people's opinions are of the game right now. Anything important that I have missed?
  3. Zeven is awesome - so level headed, doesn't constantly complain about crap, an amazing teacher and player. And for the shits and giggles, jingles is the most entertaining of those kinds of channels.
  4. lol. Just about to head to my calc class when I saw this. Good luck on that test. Integrals make my brain hurt so much more than those derivatives
  5. I have been playing about two years, only recently did I actually spend money on the game. $30 for a SU-122-44. Love the tank and feel it was worth it. Only other premium I have is a Churchill III I got with free gold 50% off. It's been fun even without money, but the time and credit problems can be annoying at times. Of course if someone wants to give an internet stranger a T-34-3, well, feel free to do so lol.
  6. Yeah, when I ran on the test server, that momentum screws you up pretty bad. I foresee a lot of drops in WN8. The most worrying thing is how bad bumping into allies is. I think that opens a lot more options for trolling.
  7. Hey Zeven, enjoy your awesome and educational stream although I don't get it live because I live in EST, and it's a little too late for me. Just have a question about lower tier tanks. Other than things like the T29, are there any low tier tanks you recommend because you find them fun, have a unique playstyle, etc. I'm looking to improve my general skill, but I don't run premium time, so tier 9 and 10 are too expensive/don't get there very fast. So, I'm looking for some low tier tanks that aren't terrible and are interesting to run.
  8. Winning constantly is no fun. Losing constantly isn't fun either. Wargaming and any other multiplayer gaming company is designing so that the game is fun for the most people for the most amount of time. This is an online game - it is not some real life sports league where the entertainment is for the people watching - it is a game for the players to have fun. So, the game is based on the common denominator - not for the top 0.1% to pwn constantly and drive off the rest of the player base because their success at winning depends entirely on whether they have a player who can pwn on their team.
  9. I think the big reason is map changes that we may not notice - screws with whatever position data they have in those things. And the site is useful for me because I don't have the spare disk space anymore - not with games the size of hard drives ten years on my measly 500 GB one.
  10. Hey Wotlabs, I know that SS can be bad sometimes, but he has posted something I feel is very useful to be able to review replays. He recently linked this site: http://wot.djgappa.com/ This has a collection of past patches, including full clients. Now you who don't bother saving those old clients can watch your old replays again. I know I need this resource, and I hope it helps you guys.
  11. Well Hall0, that was enlightening. Just realized why you for one hate Silentstalker so much. You're an EFE member.
  12. Hey guys, I have a windforce GTX 660, and I was wondering if the clicking noises it makes when at high load for long periods of time is coil whine. I have had it for a while and don't want it to mean that this thing is breaking down. Don't have another $200 bucks to spend on a graphics card.
  13. I think that the public image disparity is the problem. Those who go to the general forums see a lot of unicums who are assholes to the lower skill level players on the general forums. Unicum= elitist assholes, Wotlabs=lots of unicums, ergo wotlabs=lots of elitist assholes. Wotlabs gets publicity for their opinions of topics they rage about, ergo elitist asshole reputation verified. SS seems to be a excellent resource to the lower average skill on general forums. His asshole behavior off his site is buried out of sight in long forum posts read only by dedicated forum masters, usually those
  14. Time to ignore stats and find the fun in this game again. Not gunning for a top tier clan, so why worry. Just do my best and have fun.

  15. Well, if you don't like him that much, it sounds like a good thing to do. I feel that the thread isn't about SS hating wotlabs, but about wotlabs disliking him personally.
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