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  1. Oh boy. Well, give I'll it a try. Won't lose anything I guess
  2. I am trying to start playing again, and I just wanted to know what people's opinions are of the game right now. Anything important that I have missed?
  3. Zeven is awesome - so level headed, doesn't constantly complain about crap, an amazing teacher and player. And for the shits and giggles, jingles is the most entertaining of those kinds of channels.
  4. lol. Just about to head to my calc class when I saw this. Good luck on that test. Integrals make my brain hurt so much more than those derivatives
  5. I have been playing about two years, only recently did I actually spend money on the game. $30 for a SU-122-44. Love the tank and feel it was worth it. Only other premium I have is a Churchill III I got with free gold 50% off. It's been fun even without money, but the time and credit problems can be annoying at times. Of course if someone wants to give an internet stranger a T-34-3, well, feel free to do so lol.
  6. Yeah, when I ran on the test server, that momentum screws you up pretty bad. I foresee a lot of drops in WN8. The most worrying thing is how bad bumping into allies is. I think that opens a lot more options for trolling.
  7. Hey Zeven, enjoy your awesome and educational stream although I don't get it live because I live in EST, and it's a little too late for me. Just have a question about lower tier tanks. Other than things like the T29, are there any low tier tanks you recommend because you find them fun, have a unique playstyle, etc. I'm looking to improve my general skill, but I don't run premium time, so tier 9 and 10 are too expensive/don't get there very fast. So, I'm looking for some low tier tanks that aren't terrible and are interesting to run.
  8. Winning constantly is no fun. Losing constantly isn't fun either. Wargaming and any other multiplayer gaming company is designing so that the game is fun for the most people for the most amount of time. This is an online game - it is not some real life sports league where the entertainment is for the people watching - it is a game for the players to have fun. So, the game is based on the common denominator - not for the top 0.1% to pwn constantly and drive off the rest of the player base because their success at winning depends entirely on whether they have a player who can pwn on their team. It may be fun for those top players, but no one else will want to play the game. For the sports analogy that top players like to use to say why this game should allow them to pwn based solely on skill. Random matches in this game are meant to be the amateur level - players who play the game for the fun of it and who need to feel that they have some degree of control over their success, even if they are so bad they don't really do. Thus, RNG, arty, and other mechanics the top players hate. Sorry to say, but you are pros playing in an mode based around the amateurs. Of course you are going to get handicapped. Imagine me, someone who has no idea how to play golf against some top ranked PGA green jacket. That is about the level of a red versus a unicum. Would I play against that PGA pro without a massive handicap? Hell no! And since this game is balanced so that yellows and oranges - the majority of the player base - can have that handicap to have fun or some sense of control, we get RNG, arty, etc. I may defend it, but I know that these things aren't good for the better players. I am affected more and more as I get better. But Wargaming balances this because they have to make money to keep going, and it is oranges and yellows playing for fun that pay that money - not the unciums with many ways to get free gold. I am also not saying that arty is a terrible way to implement things, but it is there for a reason, and is never going away. It obviously isn't that bad if all of you who complain about it being broken still find some way to enjoy the game even so.
  9. I think the big reason is map changes that we may not notice - screws with whatever position data they have in those things. And the site is useful for me because I don't have the spare disk space anymore - not with games the size of hard drives ten years on my measly 500 GB one.
  10. Hey Wotlabs, I know that SS can be bad sometimes, but he has posted something I feel is very useful to be able to review replays. He recently linked this site: http://wot.djgappa.com/ This has a collection of past patches, including full clients. Now you who don't bother saving those old clients can watch your old replays again. I know I need this resource, and I hope it helps you guys.
  11. Well Hall0, that was enlightening. Just realized why you for one hate Silentstalker so much. You're an EFE member.
  12. Hey guys, I have a windforce GTX 660, and I was wondering if the clicking noises it makes when at high load for long periods of time is coil whine. I have had it for a while and don't want it to mean that this thing is breaking down. Don't have another $200 bucks to spend on a graphics card.
  13. I think that the public image disparity is the problem. Those who go to the general forums see a lot of unicums who are assholes to the lower skill level players on the general forums. Unicum= elitist assholes, Wotlabs=lots of unicums, ergo wotlabs=lots of elitist assholes. Wotlabs gets publicity for their opinions of topics they rage about, ergo elitist asshole reputation verified. SS seems to be a excellent resource to the lower average skill on general forums. His asshole behavior off his site is buried out of sight in long forum posts read only by dedicated forum masters, usually those who spend more time dedicated to the game and therefore more likely to be on wotlabs. He implies that unicums are cheaters, wotlabs rages, publicity is gained, general forums have elitist asshole reputation confirmed again.
  14. Time to ignore stats and find the fun in this game again. Not gunning for a top tier clan, so why worry. Just do my best and have fun.

  15. Well, if you don't like him that much, it sounds like a good thing to do. I feel that the thread isn't about SS hating wotlabs, but about wotlabs disliking him personally.
  16. There you go. There's you're response. I don't get the hate against SS for his online persona. It may not be the greatest, but whatever. Everyone seems to be a utter asshole on the internet. If I had to hang out with a lot of good players based on their online persona in the general forums and even some on wotlabs, I'd be running the other way. And I don't get the general hate for bad players in this game. Yes they are terrible, and some of them may be idiots. However, the entire population of this server is based on them playing the game. Without the it would be screw you NA unicums, you don't spend the cash anymore, so no point in servers for you. And it's just a game. Pixel tonks have no reference to any type of qualifications in the real world.
  17. Hell yeah! The problem for me is that in order to get into a good clan to do more team battle modes, I have to get better stats in randoms. That means I stress out in randoms, don't enjoy the game, and play worse than ever. I would say that the problem with team battle modes currently in the game is that there is no intermediary in terms of time commitment to the game. Clan wars requires much work to grind to tier ten, especially without a premium account, then you have to dedicate your life to be on at the right time and get good stats, especially for busy IRL people. And then those clans merge down and dominate in strongholds against our intermediate level clans. There is no good game mode for people like me, at the good but not great level, without the time or money to get tier ten easily with or without premium. If we go to teams, we are crushed by the top 100 clans. If we go to randoms, it is really hard to keep good random stats without losing the fun. What do you unicums think?
  18. Guess I'll wait and see what the accuracy nerfs do to it. Don't have the cash right now for anyway. I've seen whispers about another possible buff on FTR recently.
  19. Hey guys, I am looking at getting my first tier 8 premium. I already have a Churchill III I got for free and a SU-122-44 I purchased over Christmas. Now I am looking at getting a tier 8. This would be for credits, but also a fun tank. I am looking for something that is decent, with pref mm since that will be going away, and it must be mobile, as I dislike the lack of flexibility of slow tanks. So, the T-34-3 looks like a good option. What is your opinion on it for a player of my skill level?
  20. Hello wotlabs, I'm am a current clan member looking for options. My primary interest in a clan is platoons and stronghold battles. Clan wars is fine as long as it is not required. I am a student whose schedule means that weekends are when I primarily play. I also don't have the cash for many premiums or premium time, so it is taking me awhile to get to tier 10. However, I have some experience calling tier 8 strongholds, and also try and lead training events for my clan - don't know how high caliber it is though I have begun to outgrow my clan, and I'm staying more for respect for the leadership and the core active members than anything else. This has been hastened by the loss of many players who want to do clanwars to the new W-D clan. However, because of the time and tier requirements, that won't fit my schedule. So, I am looking for clans who would take me if I decide to leave my current clan. My stats are below. I have seen clans like RELIC-A, the JKLB mafia, and others who seem like a good stats-wise fit. Are there any others? However, there is one thing that would turn me off, and that is condoning public bitching/mockery of baddie pubs. I personally don't like people who do that on the public forums - anywhere else is fine, private chat, ts3, just not on the public forums. Current Tier 10 grinds: T-43, halfway to T-44 IS-3, 60k to IS-8 M103 - engine and T110E5 to research Indien-panzer, 50k to Leo PTA Pershing, 50k to Patton DW2 - Long way to E-50M
  21. Well, I really only play World of Tanks, mostly because it is still interesting too me. All the other games I have are strategy sims that I just haven't delved too deeply into. I'm one to play only one game for a while and then move on. I used to be big into the strike fighters air combat sim series, but I stopped that when I found world of tanks, especally because I don't have the cash to buy the expensive peripheals to have fun with more complex flight sims.
  22. Talk about raising the dead from the grave lol! I honestly rarely rage in chat. When I do, it's more like, "WTF how can you arty tk me while not doing a single point of dmg to the tank I was facehugging." Players can make me feel incredibly good at this game because of their incredible ineptitude. I rage more at rng and my mistakes to myself. The biggest case I got was on the forums, during two incidents with several top members of the top ten clans. I got annoyed more at their response to reds asking questions they felt were rude. I can't stand bashing based on "you're an idiot, and we have the right to ridicule you because we are the elite." That doesn't sit well with me, and I don't like ripping into someone just because they can be dumb as rocks. The conclusion though, you unicums have invested much more blood, sweat, and tears than I have. I can see how it wears one down.
  23. Thanks for the critique. Other than me and other callers improving our own skills, the biggest thing our clan needs to work on organization. Most of our players don't have the most experience in how to change mindset in stronghold play, myself included when I see opportunities that don't fit the caller's vision. To be honest, I knew that the match against otter was lost about the time by the time I had dropped to the bottom. This was because I had a bunch not sticking with the group and trying to win a sniping match instead of having a group close in from the bottom. When I saw otter had rushed towards our base, and we were spread out in inferior positions, I just had our team return to base and try to hurt them as much as possible. That's my big question. How do I get people to move in a group. I know a lot of it is experience, but how can I teach good habits. We aren't bad at focusing things down, the trouble is getting people to be in positions to do so. How do you teach that transition from the slugging matches of pubs to the groups rushes and positions of organized play? I know that part of keeping people grouped is clear calls. How can I make sure they are that? (Sorry I don't have that audio. Would help a lot) Don't know how to edit my previous post from my phone.
  24. Well I have comcast internet which is pretty fast, but has terrible bandwith problems, so streaming won't work very well. I didn't realize OBS could record as well as stream. I've looked at that before.
  25. Guess I'll wait until I have some videos with audio. If anyone wants them, here are the replays, hope the link works. http://www.filedropper.com/gentillehawkcalling12-27-14
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