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  1. Perma'd from tanks. 

    It's over boys, its fucking over. :MingLee:

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    2. Hellsfog


      Here is your solution.  You play on my account, you get xvm camo and I eat the next ban. Since I hate chat, it's a win/win.

    3. Rspctd


      I have almost little interest in playing again unless people need "services" or my account is unbanned. \

      @GloriousPotatoes I've never had a strike or warning, this was an instant permanent ban that I am unable to repeal. 

      This whole ordeal started with me being banned from pro-league without a reason. I attempted to get an answer from the people that banned me, was ignored and presumably permabanned so they didn't have to deal with me anymore. 


    4. GloriousPotatoes


      From a business point of view I don't understand why they'd hide their reasoning (because people will be people and make up their own reasons why, guaranteed negative ones), unless it's completely asinine and would only do more harm if exposed.

      It's sad these sorts of things are usually limited to smaller forums or in-group conversations, never making it to the ears of the people able to mobilize players; WG's bottom line. 
      If you feel WoT is worth it despite this all, and more so your account, try to get in conctact with one of these dudes, or people whom can get in contact for you. I don't know if I would bother, if I got perm'd from tanks as well.
      If not, and you used a service like paypal, or even if you didn't, try to pull your money out that you've spent at the very least recently. The mate of mine I told about, who was banned due to suspicions of selling accounts, was able to get the money he spent throughout the final year of his playtime back.

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