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  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/3666357#cliff-rspctd-m48a1_patton This is a pretty good game that showcases what the M48 is best at, ridge poking and snapping.
  2. This is your own mis-play and not the tanks fault. The tank is able to capitalize on this better than all the others. The Bat has an extremely high skill ceiling that many will never reach so they resort to playing like absolute monkeys. Its the players not the tank.
  3. I really hope these Bat changes don't go through and some people with actual brains speak to the balance department ala RU pro players maybe. Otherwise, this tank is just nerfed into obscurity like the original Foch 155 was way back when(even if it was a little op). Great idea to take a tank that has been untouched for 5 or so years and was/is considered one of the most balanced tanks in the game and fucking destroy it. If this change goes through, just imagine all the dogshit the dev. department has lined up next.
  4. Finally broke the 10k wall with 4k assist. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/153561257
  5. Took a few years but finally broke the 10k damage game. :feelsgoodman:

    Replay/stream in my replay thread. 


  6. "lights arent meant to go head to head with meds" - some retard WG dev
  7. The 121 turret is actually pretty good minus the weirdly shaped cupolas. It's much more reliable than the 140.
  8. Vehicles: T57 Heavy Tank Experience received: 1,464 Credits earned: 96,629 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Mastery Badge: "II Class"


  9. These can't be full notes. I thought this was the cyka tree buff patch. Also 121 op op now.
  10. EYXTNzU.jpg

    1. ZXrage


      >tier 3 arty

    2. Zepherex


      yeah i saw that too lol

    3. Rspctd


      @ZXrage @Zepherex It's for league scrims so I can tk myself if I'm sitting the round. Trust me, I don't pub it. 

  11. http://wotreplays.com/site/3649556#lakeville-rspctd-t-62a So this was a pretty meme of a game and I think there is something to be learned. Don't be afraid to take risks. Looking at the lineup I noticed that neither team had scouts and only one arty per side. I figured that I could yolo mid and did. Knowing most arty yolo to the houses or all the way across I made an extremely aggressive spotting peak and caught the arty and luckily my team put a shot into him. The rest is history or the mark rather. This game gets extremely monotonous sometimes, so don't be afraid to spice things up and take risks or as @SkittlesOfSteeI would call "calculated yolo's". You never know what may happen.
  12. Hmm, I've never seen this. Its directly uploaded to the forum. Can you download any of the others? @CraBeatOff any thoughts?
  13. yea its minutes to midnight tho
  14. Marked this the other day: Not a huge fan of this tank as it seems like it's an RNG fest every single time I click battle. I'll probably play it some more to get my DPG up but no more spamming it. Here are some hand picked replays and the final game. I didn't play all that good through the session though so there are a few misplays here and there. Highlighted grey games are in the pack: e50mfinal.zip
  15. people wonder why I tk'd certain arty in ranked
  16. Weak tank 3 moe :feelsgoodman:

    This was so much more annoying then it should have been.


    1. TAdoo87


      Would you share some replays, I need some inspiration to mark it.

    2. Rspctd


      I'll try and put together a pack of the goods ones for my replay thread. The session was pretty shit tbh though. Peep @Kolni 's yt or stream though for some top quality E50M memes. 

  17. So I believe there are two methodologies to go about when choosing equipment: Make the best part of the tank better Make the overall tank better For instance, take the STB. It already has insane dpm and average final aim accuracy, however, the gun handling is horrible. In this case, I'd suggest both vert stab upgrades as you are now taking full control or advantage of this gun. Looking now at a tank that you'd make overall better is something like the Patton. Nothing really is bad or too good about it (besides the gun handling sorta) so at this point, I'd suggest vents and maybe the rammer directive. As @Kolni mentioned in some of his past posts, vents affect the final accuracy which is probably one of the single largest important things in this game especially if its in the mid .3's I can't comment directly on the skill directives but I think you have it right where the skill is always worse then equipment since the skill has stipulations on its attributes, "not moving etc." Personally, I don't see a use for the sixth sense either. I'm sure most of us have come accompanied to the change as of the last few patches. Furthermore, the vision meta is basically dead on all but a few maps so many of times when you go for a spot check on a corridor map you either spot something else or you are already back in cover before some bot can you shoot you back.
  18. My general thought through the year was that an average tier 10 damage that was something to strive for was 3k. Nearly most of the base unicum players that I know also somewhat except this. Then you start to get toward fringe or super uni territory where mid 3k and touching 4k is somewhat average. I guess what I'm really trying to see, is that if others are seeing a trend with the recent mm changes that are adding to their routine T10 damage output.
  19. So then with that reasoning, 5k is the new norm on EU?
  20. Mfw I try and start a conversation and you autists carry it away with "muh stats" or "reeeeeeeee win more." This isn't the point at all. I think most of us who still play this shit game somewhat care about performance or competency, thus I'm trying converse over this.
  21. This is something I've been pondering for a while. Doing 3k damage in a tier 10 was usually a baseline for a unicum player where 4k damage was usually reserved for a top tier super uni player. With the new MM changes do you think we are seeing a shift in avg damage at this tier? Personally, I feel like I've been playing better but I'm not sure if that is just a perceived notion because of damage pools being much higher. Thoughts?
  22. Hit rank 4 last night on NA and then lost it before the time ended. Anyway my thoughts as follows: XP is a horrendous system to base ranking up on along with the current rank up ruleset. More than half of the winning team usually gets carried to a chevron due to the decisiveness of a few players. Furthermore, as the games get higher in rank, figure the games will be closer. I had a Live Oaks game last night go for the entire time limit due to how close it was. Ended up coming down to a 2v1 or something. Everyone that was alive past the 5 min mark deserved a chevron as there were playing out of their mind. (Mind you this had a lot of the top players on the server in this game.) We lost and the rest follows. Map rotation is pretty aids. They need to pick side balanced maps only. With the higher assumed skill level of players they are able to exploit this knowledge. North spawn Mali is useless to go hill, along with the usual south spawn aids that Live Oaks usually produces. This is really only a problem with NA or maybe its just me. The number of good players on NA is so low that depending on what team has more, usually comes out victorious. So what you have is shit getting carried to the higher ranks, then not performing when they need to. Hopefully this is less apparent at 5 or whatever but who knows. I'll try again tonight and see what happens.
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