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  1. I'm going insane grinding these T9 lights. Either get yolo'd or get bots penning every single HE shot they shoot. 

    Or I get Ensk, Karkov, Himmels back to back to back. 

  2. Rspctd

    Strv S1

  3. The one time shit seems like a waste unless they are cheap ala food. Equipment would be the only thing anyone would use. Personally, I don't really like this system. I'd rather see cosmetics or special tanks. This shit just makes me want to try hard af and you'll get nerds in pubs doing dumb shit.
  4. Got mine last night and I agree with the Leo thoughts. This is what the Leo gun should be imo. (While retaining the accuracy.)
  5. Rspctd


    @SchnitzelTruck How many games for the LTG?
  6. I filed a report again the other day under GoDaddy's support.
  7. Rspctd


    Did this trash today. Final ~6, averaged 4.5k pure dpg or so. Vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138916366
  8. Finally this trash is marked. 


    Final few games here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138916366

    1. TAdoo87


      Respect for that.:MingLee:

    2. cavman276


      Leo1 isn't trash :(

    3. TAdoo87


      yes it is :QBSeal:

  9. mfw u about to hit super uni overalls before 60% wr :feelsgoodman:

  10. Did you even attempt to read the post?
  11. Is this "hiatus" in preparation for legacy support if most sites were to move to WN9?
  12. I applaud you if you think I'm that autistic @Whole_Nutmeg
  13. It's not going to happen for a while if at all. We may see Wn9 before an updated Wn8 especially with the arty and light tank rework. Just play them, dude, nobody gives a shit about useless Wn8 anymore.
  14. I didn't think anything could get more aids than the campaigns but this recently CW season has proven me wrong. I'd welcome a mini-campaign even if it's for some trash tier 8 that'd I'd only play in strongholds.
  15. IS7 needs a little love in the dpm department or pen. I can deal with the shit gun but it just fails to get damage out most of the time. It's the same problem as the IS3 imo. It has got insane survivability but is a shit damage dealer.
  16. I posted this on reddit the other day.
  17. Why buy a Sensai when their new offering, the Rival, is insane? https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/rival-300 I returned the Mamba after realizing it was a trash laser mouse because I got meme'd and didn't read shit. Prior to that I had a G400/Mx518 or whatever the fuck that lasted like six years.
  18. We bought these last night after we all died in a yolo Leo plt. It's a good meme for sure. The gun is really fun to use and the mobility is just good enough for you to be able to do scout things.
  19. The 62a is a much nicer pub tank. The 140 after the recent HD update is basically useless in any hull down position as the roof is a massive weak spot. Furthermore, the argument for the 140 in CW is completely moot with the insanity that is the 907.
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