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  1. In my opinion you should drive your e100 down the middle of the field on malinovka at the start of the game but don't criticize me because it's just my opinion! -State your opinions in a civil and organized fashion. Don't resort to being a twat Warning given
  2. Oh I didn't see the clause that lets him shrug off the fact that everything he wrote is wrong.
  3. The hidden village medium review is completely wrong. Going to the middle is a great way to draw the round out and going to the town is a great way to waste a lot of time. Mediums, especially in platoons, and especially russian mediums with abusable turret armor should drive straight to 2/3a/4a every single time. When you get up there, you can stop the enemy heavies from taking up positions and hold it until your heavies get there. You can even push past the rock into 3a/4a and hull down, and you can still escape behind the rock without getting shot at if things aren't looking good. You ca
  4. Hey Garabad, big fan of the play by plays. Can you do a play by play of this one? http://puu.sh/9l4bJ/f0493bfa92.wotreplay
  5. Sounds like junkers and about half of -G- in general
  6. Who else is pumped for the BADGR Anime Club meeting today?

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    2. tomhwk


      Gah i woulda missed it if i didnt see dish

    3. AR_15


      cant w8 fellow unicums :^)-|-<

    4. tomhwk


      Gah. Was filling out the googledox form but its too much work on my phone

  7. Don't you have to turn blue before you make this thread?
  8. Wow they hold some canada "goldpots" while chai held down the landing zones nearby good job guys B]. But don't worry, chai wasn't safeguarding them at all anymore and they're proving it now by holding off premiere clans like WARMG and ABEL who hold the landing zones. The way you post here and on CRD I wouldn't be surprised if you ran pbkac dude you are an important authority figure and you earned your posting privilege, good job man o7
  9. I asked you nicely to stop shitposting, but clearly it isn't working. I guess I'll have to use the report function so the really good moderators like solono and arrogantworms from petco backgrounds step in and stop your shitposting.
  10. So are you going to put up proof like I did (it loses regularly, has only fought shit clans, lost to dos, beat enjoy(lol good clan right) on the night they decided they were going to pull off the map anyways) or just keep saying "xDDD hurr durr claws guy opinion invalid"? Please stop ruining this thread with your shitposting edit: On a side note, how does a blue player who can't even manage 2700+recent get the purple poster tags? Seeing him shitpost this hard, he isn't even a 'unicum' poster, if anything he's a red poster who doesn't think before he hits submit. edit2: oh I see, he
  11. It doesn't matter if I'm in CLAWS. It would still hold true if I were in PBKAC, OTTER, BADGR, any other top clan really. I'm still right, by the way
  12. You're right, bulls has not shown any proof that they are competent and everyone else in this thread but me and skreb have their heads up their asses.
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