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  1. Gun handling on the fcm is fine as is. With regards to 6th sense, my situational awareness is at a point where 9 times out of 10 I can tell when I am spotted or not. Regardless, I dont play it in the middle ground where knowing if you are spotted is critical or not. I either play it- Balls deep abusing its mobility (in which case knowing whether you are spotted or not is irrelevant, because proxy). Or, camping right down the back chai sniping, abusing its speed to relocate far behind where the heavies are brawling(hence the camo). If it gets to the point I need to worry about being spotted, its usually gg lah. Its set up to maximise dpm and its mobility, and chai snipe when it cant do that.
  2. Naming and shaming this 46%er for complaining about his team, when he did sweet fuck all. My fcm crew tho
  3. Am curious, you use adjectives such as 'fair', 'just and 'active'. If your goal is to 'give it a shot', wouldn't you be after players who would best be described with the adjective 'Good" as well? Or are you trying not to upset the 86.5% of your clan that are below the good WN8 rating? 10/10 ambition 3/10 execution 0/10 placement (I mean c'mon, is there anyone here you haven't pissed off?)
  4. So team, visiting some family at the moment and have noticed a bit of instability in the internet connection. Anyway, decided to hurr-durr it up in the IS-6 (being such a forgiving tank) for the week. Realised this might be an opportunity to push my game-play to the next level by looking at what I am regularly doing wrong! So anyway, 1st 10 games out of the way, and I need to face the reality that I cant just blame it on my team, that the discrepancy between my DPG and WR (although granted this is a small sample) is a result of poor positioning for at least some of the game. My question to you guys is, for those of you who have done something like this, have you found it beneficial to review the replays afterwards, note down the mistakes you think you made after the game or is the process of playing a single tank for a 100 games or so enough to make you look at what is and isnt working?
  5. My first warpack hackusation (2 games in a row!) I feel so proud!! This is even better than winning a type 59!!!
  6. Gave the game a break for a couple of days. Came back with certain expectations. Was not disappointed.
  7. Heh, that was a nice game. Lol @ me not being as terrible as usual. I'm finding the armour to be very trollish.
  8. Thoroughly enjoying the action X, apart from the shitters that have come out of the woodwork with the new patch. My ping hasnt dropped by much with the fix of the cable though, this is what pingplotter is telling me, anyone have some advice?
  9. Jumps on to catch up on the last few days sea server news. Finds this clusterfuck instead.
  10. Could you flick me an invite feet? IGN Pryofox. Touch dyslexic signup day.
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