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  1. Ummmmmm, I thought this would be about Neko Case.
  2. I'm considering selling my account.  Any guesses as to what I might be able to get for it?  Any suggestions for a reliable place to do so? 

  3. I don't understand this continued insistence on a subtle approach. They can save money by sending their entire map making dept. to the gulag. Just change spawn points for all non SPG class tanks to the exact middle of the map. Each tank starts off face hugging an opposing tank. Have softer quicker tanks start off in the middle of each of these lines with tracks locked into the two tanks on either side of it to prevent quick movement!! SPG spawn can be in A1/A0!
  4. Saw a guy the other day named Longnamewillbeseenbyenemy. Then I saw his probably alt. Longnamemakesiteasiertowin
  5. Turret direction indicator is ok for EU? Follow up: is it view direction indicator or turret direction indicator?
  6. I'd strongly recommend the US heavy tank line for a new player. There aren't any bad tanks in the line. Play style is fairly intuitive. Solid gun depression helps minimize those frustrating instances of being unable to get the gun on target. Tanks are quick enough to allow for some flexibility, but not so fast that a new player will find themselves constantly overextending. Generally, no glaring weaknesses.
  7. I generally agree. Trying to solo high tiers is mostly an exercise in frustration. It feels like it's a competition for which team has the least dead weight. The game desperately needs some sort of skill tiered MM system, which they likely will never do for as much as they've otherwise tried to cater the game to the unskilled player. I don't necessarily care if teams are evenly matched, but I at least don't want to have to consistently try (and I emphasize try) to carry players that have no clue whatsoever about what to do. I'm not sure what the answer is, but more often than not I end up
  8. The final battle scene detracted from what was otherwise a pretty good movie. It felt out of character from the rest of the picture.
  9. I don't know if it's my record, but I lost more than 112,000 in a game on Swamp the other day with my WZ 132. Food, fuel, and fired all 21 APCR rounds, plus more AP.
  10. You wish you were never born? That's kind of sad buddy. Please seek help. Edit: Please be sure to express these opinions just as vociferously in your everyday affairs. Let me know how it works out! On topic: My wife has worked on genetic research, and we're both pretty avid board gamers. We may give this a try. Will they send the game to beta testers, or is it only print-and-play?
  11. I'm mostly referring to the bit that I copied earlier in the thread. Your first bit of quoted text seems to refer specifically to an earlier iteration of the MM spread. Again, I'm not advocating one position or the other. Either possibility seems equally likely to me.
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