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    equipment: gld, rammer, vents crew commander: sixth sense, BIA, camo driver: clutch breaking, BIA, camo gunner: snap shot, BIA, camo loader 1: safe stowage, BIA, camo loader 2: BIA, camo I went with vents and BIA because it seems like the E4 needs all the help it can get with reload, accuracy and aim time. I like it so far but I have something like 30 battles in it so you should probably cross reference what I said with others. The E4 can snipe at medium ranges ok but it doesn't feel like a TD to me. I've found it much easier to peak around a corner and smash someone for 850 before ducking back behind hard cover. It's ammo rack seems to get hit quite a bit. I think the ammo is in the lower corners of the tank. You don't really have armor either. Against lower tier tanks you'll be able to take some shots but against other tier 10s expect every shot you take to go through.
  2. The T28 and T28p have the same traverse speed. 20 deg/s. The T28P on the other hand has the turret so it can deal with flankers a bit better. If someone gets behind you, you're pretty much fucked regardless of which one you're driving
  3. LUIGI would gladly have you and we have openings for battle callers.
  4. Your overall stats are bad and in your last 1,000 battles you haven't surpassed a wn7 of 1,000. You have no tier 10s so you can't be used in CWs. Even if you had tier 10's you wouldn't be around for CWs based on your location also I can't imagine how high your ping must be. If you're looking for a social clan I suggest going to the normal Wot forums and looking there. Clans searching for members on Wotlabs are generally looking for better tankers to compete in CWs. For example I know the social RDDT clans have no requirements and I think RDDT5 was just purged so there's lots of space there. Good luck.
  5. When you shoot someones engine there is a chance of fire but by destroying the fuel tank it is an automatic fire.
  6. LUIGI is interested in taking you on. We're a close knit clan and do lots of platooning. Currently we're on the map next to green land. If you're interested pop on our TS and we'll see if you'd like to make our clan your new home. recruitment thread: TS: bambam.dyndns.org:9989
  7. Churchill 1 ~ I just could not make that thing work when I tried it. I'll probably revisit it someday. VK 3001 P ~ got ace tanker in it. It's fast. It's got a good gun and I have less than a 40% w/r in it. Lorrie 40t ~ I like the tank, but I don't. My w/r in it is where it is because I avoid solo pubbing in it. I expect a lot of people have issue with this tank.
  8. If you do get the urge to do clanwars we'd have you at LUIGI. Even if you don't you can stop by the TS and platoon. We're also starting to do more TC when there's no cw for us. As for age group most of us are over 18 and we do have some people in the older crowd (30s and 40s). Your E5 would definitely get used and in the past we have made use of JgpzE-100s. Are you east coast or west coast?
  9. So it's worth the Lorraine grind? There's a light at the end of the tunnel?
  10. As a medium it's essentially an m6 with better accuracy and armor. The ideal situation in my mind is WG just changes the classification and does nothing else to it.
  11. It does speed up crew training. If you have it off and want to turn the exp you've gathered into free exp you have to pay gold. With crew training on you still earn the same amount of free exp that you normally would from a battle. Something like 5% of the exp you earn in a battle becomes free exp as well. You can see this in the details screen of an after battle report.
  12. I know that feeling. Don't worry about your stats, you're in the acceptable range. We like to platoon with potential recruits before we accept them and introduce them to the clan so if you're interested you should definitely pop on the TS. An officer is almost always on and if not the crew is pretty friendly and will help you out. With the tier X's you have you should definitely expect some clanwars action.
  13. Sure, but let's take this to pm's. Don't want to high-jack this thread.
  14. Unfortunately not. I heard it was pretty close though. You guys did a surprise south push or something.
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