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  1. Yo these things are lit. Actually really insane value for money it seems like, though of course, RNG loot boxes, have the potential to get basically fuck all while your friend spends $5 and gets a nikolai. Things to know: Box contents APPEAR(99% sure on this) to be intelligent like regular supercontainers and cannot give you dupe ships. HOWEVER. The contents are generated on them being added to your account, NOT opening. If you buy 20 boxes all at once, like I did, you can end up with 4 emdens, like I did. If however you buy them in small installments so they can update to your recen
  2. Original article by @Pompous Any time artillery is brought up in conversation, this is the sort of montage that plays through the head of most any World of Tanks player, courtesy of StranaMechty of RDDT: Artillery is something that evokes a very visceral reaction in World of Tanks players, from the newest person with a few hundred games, to the 20,000+ game veterans with dozens of tier 10's under their belt, everyone has an opinion on artillery that falls somewhere on the spectrum between “It’s fine” and “This is the worst thing tha
  3. I'm happy to see the 121 getting adjusted but I don't really know what to think about the actual changes made. Seems largely superficial and won't change anything meaningful. People who made the tank work before will still be able to, and 1/2 of a degree of depression isn't suddenly going to make it easy to play.
  4. You ever manage to fix this? I'm still having issues and want to play some Action X
  5. It seems like these all have the 20% HP threshold. Idk. I'm curious to see how worth it they will be.
  6. I only quoted you to suggest that the functionality described be added, not that it's there already. Sorry for the misunderstanding D:
  7. Clicking on both the Timestamp and "show replies" does the exact same thing. Maybe if possible make it so clicking on the time takes you to the person's status update in their status feed on their profile page with fully expanded images/links/whatnot?
  8. I have purchased lots of half-priced Buchty(Czech food), have 650k free xp set aside, and have started on my female czech crew by getting LT15.4 done and getting my Czech female commander. The hype is real.
  9. Also FWIW, this was the game before the pictured match as well. Didn't end up surviving because Ledif got an extra reset I needed him not to before I could tell him to just shoot something else instead. So instead of getting capped and surviving, we got killed out and I lost the secondary Sadboiz. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/pompous-na-002bb653cb4341b70c06466779c09613/malinovka-china-wz_132-21488070716868144
  10. The only spotting maps in the game are Prokh, Mali, and Erlenberg, they said.
  11. Ahhhh okay. I did know about this second step. Thanks again, really appreciate all the help
  12. Hmmm. I updated that setting but it doesn't seem to be working still. Looking at playersPanel.xc, there is a "alpha" setting with comments made to control it's opacity, but I do not see any numbers there. Maybe that's part of the problem? Not sure, just theorizing :x
  13. Derp. Got ahead of myself and was dumb. Thanks for the help Rexxie.
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