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    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    It turns out I've been measuring my dick all wrong. I used to measure it sitting down. Standing up, it's actually 7.2 inches.
  2. A_Chodeful

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    ur already partmongoloid tho; dont u live in stockholm? 25% hgN1
  3. A_Chodeful

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    gotta dickmaxx bruh gotta inject some synthol - @nabucodonsor I don't like WoT anymore tbh; too much community feedback has flattened the variation in maps; and there some truly stupid tanks that I can't be bothered to keep up with - @CraBeatOff not sure if crabeatoff is still on but a few months ago I squatted 430 raw, 450 with belts, and deadlifted 405 raw, and benched 275 raw; i did dips with 135lb weighed and pullups with 85lbs; i was 87.5kg at 6'1 and 17%bf; my bideltoid was 22.5 inches, a bit more with spread lats here are some pics in a party for beautiful people (which I only got in b/c I was deaf) I was rated the most assholish-looking and the most likely to cheat; they misinterpreted my deafness and nonresponsiveness for alphaness, but really, I just couldn't hear what they were saying i got approached by a model scout agency that was really interested in my side profile, (it combines SEAsian and NEAsian featuers)
  4. A_Chodeful

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    so what is it ur still gettin black'd use someone else's dick
  5. turns out measuring a curved dick is diff than measuring a straight dick

    i was always over 7 inches l m a o

  6. A_Chodeful

    post your favorite guns

    i'll start Sig Sauer P226, 9mm
  7. who do I have to message to delete this stuff @Never won't reply
  8. tfw u grow another 1 cm and are now 186.5 cm / 6 1.5 

    time to report my height as 6'2 

    1. bjshnog


      You're a dwarf.

    2. DirtyACE7


      6'2 a.k.a. a Dutch dwarf ;)


    3. Raj


      how do I get bigger? tfw manlet 5'11"

  9. wat u need to know about ur cum: Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc . - now take ur hands off ur dick and shove it where it belongs
  10. A_Chodeful

    Kewei method prem?

    says the guy with a masters in stats
  11. yo momma did while I pushing it in slowly, inch by inch. dat ho savored it
  12. Garbad has been commenting on my ability to avoid attention - and Jozala brought up a decent question on maximizing damage farm in my QA on the same thing. So I thought I could expand on this (it's a set of rules I've made for myself that I realized a few hundred games into tanks). Introduction Convenience: The Treatise Inner Workings (Patton Exemplar) Main Takeaways / TL;DR Feel free to take early aggressive shots, people haven't set up at this time and just want to get to places, and it's inconvenient for them to stop in the open just to aim at you Don't be the first to be spotted mid-game, cause that's when concentration of fire (and artillery danger) is at its highest, so it's inconvenient for you, and you want to be able to clean-up nicely towards the end Keep making yourself hard to hit by any means possible (mainly moving back and forth and side-scraping and hull-down) so that the enemy will give up on shooting you (inconvenient for them) as you shoot them back effortlessly Stay unspotted or in cover (go dark) after being hit once when being aggressive, allow enemy time to divert their attention to an ally or just elsewhere in general so that it's inconvenient for them to re-aim you when they're waiting for your team-mates who have shown themselves to be more easily hit In absence of allies, create the illusion of possibility (allow yourself to get hit or even penned to lure out the enemy as you hit them back twice for each time they hit you, etc.) - it's not good to always be invulnerable, you have to at least bait them or else they'll hide from you for the rest of the game and then you have to approach them, which is not what you want unless you know all the positions of enemy tanks. Moreover, If you have to come to them, it ends up with the possibility of you being perma-tracked and rekt, or in a close-up DPM contest which is a bad trade Inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience, but let up once in a while DPG and Tank Type Observations (not really necessary reading)
  13. I struggled with being bad. I couldn't help but turn deep purple in less than a thousand games.
  14. A_Chodeful

    Inconvenience: Damage Farming Treatise

    My man, it's time for you to quit.
  15. what are your numbers p u s s y? thousand pound club here at 6'2 250/400/400 (for reps) 265/425/425 (for singles) bench/squat/dl ----- to the rest of bulba why do u ppl still play this game
  16. A_Chodeful

    How did you get good at this game?

    I was always good.
  17. A_Chodeful

    tfw u see the light

    Globalization is the future lets discuss the one-world-state
  18. A_Chodeful

    Now that China is...

    1970 U.S. - Free the Tibetans, it's their home - they're the NATIVES, you shouldn't be there China - k 1980 U.S. - "Props up camera in Tiananmen" - run him over, run him over, run him over - "tank does not run man over, bloodless protest" - whatever, we'll spin it one way or the other - CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE China - k 1990 U.S. - Clean up your air, but don't forget your latest shipment of clothes and cheap goods China - k 2000 U.S. - Stop being so war-mongering, you're scaring our 100 000 troops in Japan and Korea and Guam China - k 2010 U.S. - You're scaring us and our Asian allies, we're going to put THAAD in a place where it can defend our Korean bases but not Seoul - it's totally not fitted for nukes China - k
  19. A_Chodeful

    Now that China is...

    ...going to be indisputably number "wan", what are you planning to do in order to align yourself with this new world order?
  20. A_Chodeful

    Now that China is...

    Canada West Coast New Zealand Australia All of SEA What's next on the gentrification list?
  21. A_Chodeful

    What did you do after quitting tanks?

    Games are the creations of the manifold demi-urge. Embrace the realm of the true creator god, real life.
  22. A_Chodeful

    New biz idea - looking for feedback

    Frankly, I've seen enough retarded ideas go off on the basis of novelty that I'm certain all this one needs is a good intro video on the Kickstarter page. Sheng's a good camera guy too so... Go for it dude. Make it 100k.
  23. A_Chodeful

    explain the Swedes to me

    a bunch of cucks