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  1. Yeah, that's how I feel too. If I knew someone practiced Muay Thai, even if he weighed 20kg less than me, I'd avoid the fight. All I want to do is be able to throw a good punch, (b/c punching force is like DPG and I like DPG), not to be able to fight in a ring. If I ever got in a fight that I couldn't run away from, I'd just bring out my knife or smash a glass bottle, and go on the defensive, and slash him every time he reached in. I also don't like how risky striking sports are, headwise. My best asset is my head. So the other appeal of wrestling to me is that it's a good empty han
  2. ok mr fingolian sure u do i was thinking of taking up muay thai, but then i read about how it's all cardio and you lose alot of muscle mass just conditioning yourself; then i started thinking about taking up hybrid strength/end conditioning, but then decided against it; i'd rather just learn how to punch/elbow/knee people/sandbags properly - i dont think you need alot of cardio to be able to throw a good punch wrestling on the other hand, i've been looking to get into that since yesterday; it's not nearly as big a shift
  3. ur already partmongoloid tho; dont u live in stockholm? 25% hgN1
  4. gotta dickmaxx bruh gotta inject some synthol - @nabucodonsor I don't like WoT anymore tbh; too much community feedback has flattened the variation in maps; and there some truly stupid tanks that I can't be bothered to keep up with - @CraBeatOff not sure if crabeatoff is still on but a few months ago I squatted 430 raw, 450 with belts, and deadlifted 405 raw, and benched 275 raw; i did dips with 135lb weighed and pullups with 85lbs; i was 87.5kg at 6'1 and 17%bf; my bideltoid was 22.5 inches, a bit more with spread lats
  5. It turns out I've been measuring my dick all wrong. I used to measure it sitting down. Standing up, it's actually 7.2 inches.
  6. turns out measuring a curved dick is diff than measuring a straight dick

    i was always over 7 inches l m a o

  7. tfw u grow another 1 cm and are now 186.5 cm / 6 1.5 

    time to report my height as 6'2 

    1. bjshnog


      You're a dwarf.

    2. DirtyACE7


      6'2 a.k.a. a Dutch dwarf ;)


    3. Raj


      how do I get bigger? tfw manlet 5'11"

  8. says the guy with a masters in stats
  9. wat u need to know about ur cum: Semen is only one percent sperm; the rest is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc . - now take ur hands off ur dick and shove it where it belongs
  10. I struggled with being bad. I couldn't help but turn deep purple in less than a thousand games.
  11. what are your numbers p u s s y? thousand pound club here at 6'2 250/400/400 (for reps) 265/425/425 (for singles) bench/squat/dl ----- to the rest of bulba why do u ppl still play this game
  12. Globalization is the future lets discuss the one-world-state
  13. 1970 U.S. - Free the Tibetans, it's their home - they're the NATIVES, you shouldn't be there China - k 1980 U.S. - "Props up camera in Tiananmen" - run him over, run him over, run him over - "tank does not run man over, bloodless protest" - whatever, we'll spin it one way or the other - CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE China - k 1990 U.S. - Clean up your air, but don't forget your latest shipment of clothes and cheap goods China - k 2000 U.S. - Stop being so war-mongering, you're scaring our 100 000 troops in Japan and Korea and Guam China -
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