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  1. I only recently got the M103 (67 games) and generally agree with the sentiment here; not good, not bad, just there. However, it's feeling like a padder tank. Are the expected values just ridiculously low on this thing? Frankly, I was expecting a chore playing through this thing to get the E5, but so far it's been pretty nice. That being said, 67 games is a tiny sample, and I recognize that, but so far it's my highest WN8 tank with over 50 games. It's also making me look forward to the E5 even more than I was previously, since general consensus seems to be that the E5 is better in
  2. And without tracking me? That figures. It makes perfect sense, because "reasons". Oh well, hopefully I'll get it soon.
  3. No HE or HESH. That's why I was so excited when I bounced the 183. He fired AP. That's when I figured I had a real shot at getting it done. Well, HE from the arty. But I'm not counting that in my calculations which I estimate was right around 6500.
  4. None of it was tracks and all of the damage was into my nose and turret. I was intentionally placing myself where I could hull down directly at the enemy will the lfp hidden. That being said, the spaced armor thing is crap imo, but what are you gonna do?
  5. Good evening labs. I have a question about the damage blocked mechanic I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I'm currently working on HT-12 for the T55A (Block triple HP). By my count, the below replay should have been pretty close for the IS-7. However, when I looked at the stats afterward, I saw it only gave me credit for 4800. The FV 183 and two shots from the E4 alone should have been 2650 blocked, right? Or am I missing something really obvious? http://wotreplays.eu/site/2150405#details
  6. Well done so far Matra. It's much appreciated. I've been avoiding getting down in the weeds with XVM, but so far I've been unable to find exactly what I'm looking for in a single config. I'm looking forward to further updates.
  7. I was finally able to grind out my third mark in this thing yesterday. It's been on my list of things to do as I've been hovering around 90+% for a while, but it seemed like as soon as I'd get close I'd inevitably get a tier 10 match with a fail team and get wrecked. Final match needed was a tier 9 on redshire with 2900 damage and 2300 assisted. Part of me wants to finally retire this tank. Part of me wants to keep playing it now that I have three stars on the barrel.
  8. In my opinion, pay more attention to which tank you'll likely prefer long term rather than which one will help with this one mission. That mission is complete RNG. I finished it in the 140 when there were only two TDs on the other team and both were tier 9. Things just happened to line up so well in that one that I managed to solo one and almost solo the other. On the other hand I had a handful of other battles when there were several TDs on the other team, but circumstances didn't allow for me to farm them. Additionally, consider which tank you'll have more fun in. Not getting the proper
  9. That being said, I'll give you points for bravado. I've seen things I question in garbad or Keweii replays before, but seeing as my recent isn't close to his overall I pretty much assume what doesn't work out for him once has worked out for him 5 other times.
  10. By and large the wotlabs user base cares about getting better. That applies whether they're 3k / 65% overall or yellows venturing here for the first time. Stats tend to come from better play. As far as the general overviews Shifty and Deus listed above, they aren't bad generalizations. Just remember they're just that; generalizations. I have a buddy (he actually introduced me to WoT) who is as mechanically sound as I am regarding aiming, side scraping, weak spots, etc. However, he has no patience for research which would teach him positioning based on comp, when to flex, when to aband
  11. I just picked one up last night after much thought. I finally decided that with my love for the T-44 and the fact I have the 62A and 140 it would be a decent option. I only played two games in it between clan activities, but it didn't disappoint. Those two games were average of around 3200 damage and I absolutely bullied around the cap on steppes encounter. I actually didn't find the speed to be as big an issue as I thought it might be. It's definitely noticeable, but i'll take it for the extra armor. Obviously, it's a horrendously small sample size and they were both tier 8 games,
  12. Don't worry about your overall. Just focus on getting better. Honestly, you have spectacular XVM camo with 1500+ after 20k games. Yes, the XVM sniping is real. I noticed a difference after I hit 2000 overall. I can't imagine the arty rage for actual unis.
  13. I know I'm not an overall purple, but reading your post sounded like words straight out of my own mouth. I recently hit dark blue as well as dark purple recent, but my WR is lagging behind. I too play 99+% solo, so that certainly has something to do with it. What I've found my biggest issue is now is getting better at carrying hard in the late game. I've gotten a lot better with initial deployments as well as relocating to keep my gun active and helping where it's needed. However, even with that I've had several games lately where I end up alone or with one teammate against their final 4
  14. Get a light/med to go to the edge of the houses at B4. They can effectively spot and get a couple side shots into anyone from north going into the city. In pubs, this usually has several effects: 1) Pubs will generally stop to shoot at what's shooting them, preventing their advance and allowing your team more time to get set up. 2) Spots how many tanks they're sending to the city. 3) Denies them shots down the straight away as you're going city because if they pull out to take shots down there they'll get wrecked by TDs camping that hill. However, understand that the same can be done
  15. Also, MM does not consider player ratings. XVM win chance does consider player ratings. Therefore, it's possible it might average out around 50%, but I wouldn't count on it. Additionally, 500 is a decent sample, but far from a reliable one from a statistics point of view.
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