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  1. End of a long crappy road, Newfoundland, Canada
  2. Anybody know what the turnaround time is with the applications (when we will hear back)?
  3. I was wondering if this would be in the British tree... I believe that late war allied vehicles had the American Star emblem on them... so here's hoping... (I really want a British Med Trainer... shudders thinking about the Maddie BP).
  4. Sneaking into the dinning hall on campus (was pretty easy at my uni) is also extremely cheap... also bottled wild game (if done correctly) is great too... I am from a very rural setting and Dad was a hunter... loved care packages from home!
  5. The No-name brand for the local supermarket chain (if purchased by the case) came to 60 cents a box IIRC.... now that was 15 yrs ago... (Christ I am old)....
  6. Hehe.. sums it up perfectly... funny enough when you couldn't get 'The Shark' we went looking for Kellys....also .. my father-in-law loves Hermit... but he is a story all on its own...
  7. When I couldn't afford anything else.... 20% alcohol content... for a white wine... I shudder thinking about it now... Also for eats... no name brand mac and cheese... and there was no addition that could make that taste better or healthy... buy in bulk for best value... (actually tasted great after drinking the aforementioned bottle).
  8. Number one cost saving step in University... don't drink (would have saved me tons).
  9. Oh ya.. one other thing... when you go to the market/grocery store... stick to the outside walls , veg, dairy, grains and meats... don't go into the aisle's if you can avoid it (I know you really can't but be very selective). It really comes do to a lifestyle change/choice... make the change and stick to it... I also found that routine and regular sleep helped a ton as well... As soon as either of these get off track I find my weight will trend upwards...
  10. From a guy who was very close to 300 lbs and now weights around 200 lbs my advice is this: Reduce you calorie intake (I cut mine by 200%). I made better food choices.. less fat, a TON more veg and reduced my sugar intake...Fibre! Also was eating every 2 1/2 hrs (3 meals-as described see below - and 3 snacks of 100 cal each). I live in the middle of nowhere .. So I hiked, trail biked and swam in the summer and snowshoe/x country skied in the winter... fat melted off me... General rule I used.. dived my plate into quarters, 2 of which were veg, 1 starch, 1 protein. First week was cra
  11. This...I rushed and got a T8 prem when I was at T6...and was uselss in a tank I didn't understand with incomplete knowledge of the mechanics.
  12. Hey, So have been playing the Awlful Panther and the MT 25 but it seems I am not gaining any exp on them... Three battles today (where I was very terrible) and not one point of exp on the A. Panther... Had a great game yesterday... again .. nothing... anyone else experincing this? I have a ticket in.. no response.
  13. TOGs for fun... not for a serious playing... I wonder if the M6 will replace the Kv1S as the go to heavy... maybe more Cromwells or T6 lights (Esp the new T6 US light) to replace the Hellcats...
  14. My clan run TOG's and KV2 (w scout) for a laugh at least one night a week... and we have found that most clans usually camp when they see the line up.. with the exception of the better clans... then we get our head handed to us (which I suspect would happen anyways). Great fun for about 5 games then you get bored and have to switch it up...
  15. Most clans require TS for platoons, Strongholds, skirmishes... so yeah... it may be a problem. But good luck with your search!
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