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  1. Hi gents. This is how I like to play Sand River. I look forward to any positive feedback/criticism. http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5332d7829c81a5749d010000.html
  2. Thanks Dirt, I wrote that model number down for future reference.
  3. As soon as I can save up a few bucks, I plan on getting a mouse like that.
  4. I hadn't thought of that, good advice, ty. Fingertips, palm resting on the mouse pad to help steady it. I have the sensitivity turned way down, that and a program called SteadyMouse helps a LOT. I was born with it, so I've had it almost 53 years. My whole body shakes, even my voice shakes from it. I just don't give in to it
  5. Hello Labs. I've been using the stats side of the site for quite a while now, and decided to create a forums account in an effort to continue improving. The general consensus among people who are better than me seems to be that this is the place to learn how to do that, so here I am. If you watch my replays (I upload to wotreplays.org), you'll see my gun shakes around a lot. I have a severe form of essential tremor, and even using SteadyMouse I have trouble aiming. I'm hoping that creative and knowledgeable minds can help me come up with ways to work around that.
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