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  1. You don't ask questions about a test you got 100% on. You ask questions about a test you failed.
  2. I play whatever the hell I want. If I want to play the T 62A to hulldown smack pubs I will. If I want to play the ELC to run around and laugh at pubs I will. If I want to play horrible wn8 tanks for fun I will. A metric has no hold on how I play. I truly feel sorry for you if you will not play a certain tank because it is bad for wn8. I also feel sorry for you if you only play a tank for wn8.
  3. I actually realized this playing the 140. I have no damn idea what to do at all. Going 9/0 is a pain in the ass because it seems impossible to get hulldown without insane depression. The hills are damn huge. Tanks can just pop out of them with depression while I can't do shit without exposing myself. In heavies it does seem useful. However, in mediums not so much by the looks of it. Especially since rarely do pubs seem to go there. At least not more than 1 or 2. Running into a E-100 in a 140 in a situation like that is not a good situation. Shit map seems to love de
  4. Overlord. Hate this map. No seriously. Since I started playing again my average dmg on it is probably under 1k in like 3-4 games. No idea what the hell to do. So how do you play it? Especially in mediums. Thanks.
  5. I had my first under 2k wn8 session in like 5k games. Whatdafuq. 5k dmg used to be pretty easy and now I can't even get 4k. It's interesting how not playing can make you(me) so bad. I don't like being bad.... I think I need to go watch some replays to remind me of how not to suck. Playing way too passive IMO. Probably because I end up losing all my HP 2min in. Also reacting way too late to what is happening on the map. I just end up going like why the hell am I not there 2min ago? Flat out horrid damage trading and etc. I doubt it's the meta just rust. Who art thou?
  6. Fuck that thing. I was in my 140 and I was like oh new tank. Then that POS dumps a clip into you.
  7. So i haven't really played this game in like 6 months. Before the new heavies and all that. Last patch was 9.9. Anyways, I played a little in the last few days and am total shit. At least by my standards. I know there are new physics and all that stuff but has much changed gameplay wise? Maybe it's just getting used to the game again.
  8. So I got to wondering what makes me marvel at a person in WOT. As in, what makes me think "this dude is beast at tanks" more than anything else. There is high wn8 (players like Mort and Luna) High win rate (Garbad). Granted, there are players with higher wn8 than say Luna. Near 6k. However, that is very very few. I find personally t10 MOE is what makes me think damn this person is good. If someone has like, 3 marks in most of their T10s, I marvel at their skill. Hell, even 5 t10s. My reasoning for this is simple, looking at overall stats is dumb in a tank. Since well, for all you know, they co
  9. Personally I don't like watching streamers to learn. Never helped. I just got better overtime Best way to farm is near frontline. At least IMO. Frontline with meat shields then take over.
  10. So I started to do good in it. I still find it boring as all hell. The armor isn't troll or bouncy enough to make me lol. The gun doesn't provide the satisfaction of tanks like the leo. The mobility doesn't provide satisfaction. Neither does the vision control ability. Just nothing about this tank brings me fun. Boring AF.
  11. I have a CDC. Its way better. Like, 10x. Bought t54 proto cause bored. I regret now.
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