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  1. Maybe the star is making glass as a byproduct of some unknown natural phenomenon, and the glass is blocking the star's IR whenever it's orbit places it front of Kepler.
  2. If you are in M--M please vote in this poll over the decision of which timezone we should continue CW on.
  3. One of the benefits of being a Patron 3 is being able to upvote all my fellow minions. AT THE SAME TIME.
  4. Does anyone know whether this tank will get super heavy Spall liner? Because if it does it will be even more hilarious.
  5. The link that crab posted looks very useful, it might be worth trying for a bit. I'm not good in the slightest, but if you would like a peer to toon and analyze replays then send me an invite when I'm on.
  6. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+is+Tiger+Day+2015%3F It's the first link. You may hate Jingles, but next time look things up instead of making assumptions.
  7. Sorry for not responding that quickly, I didn't get around to checking this thread until now. Yeah the more money not enough knowledge is my problem, because I picked things out based off of pcpartpicker ratings figuring it would be good. I also haven't really messed around with builds and computer parts since 2008, so I've been a bit out of the loop. Both of these reasons are why I called myself an idiot in the OP. Originally I had the 32GB of ram because I figured that if I maxed the ram out on the motherboard I'd know if the motherboard was going bad. Now that I think a
  8. Currently I'm running off of my laptop and playing games on low to minimum settings isn't really cutting it for me anymore. I want to run games on max settings quickly and quietly. Currently most of my gaming is WoT, but I am interested in current and upcoming games like Alien Isolation (already bought, but haven't installed), The Witcher 3, and The Division. I want this build to last for a while, so that I can gradually upgrade it. Some stuff to take into consideration: I have no experience OCing, but I am interested in it and want to try it after learning how to do it properly and after
  9. Cats and kittens always make me feel happy. It also helps that I can make friends with damn near every house cat and be able to hold some that their owners wouldn't expect I can hold.
  10. I couldn't have said it any better. BTW it is on sale on GOG for $3.99 for those who are interested.
  11. IS-6 or FCM 50T? Which is better to buy and why?

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    2. tefftorbes


      Noting here that kv5 with 50% credit bonus from strongholds can get you 200k net on decent 3k/3 kill sorts of games.

    3. Cunicularius
    4. Everson_Sinclair


      fcm. better gun, more mobility

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