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  1. I ended up getting the cdc since i could actually afford it (i have 32 gold left after buying it) This was the result of my first game: I like it, but it uncannily reminds me of the Centurion, with the terrible camo and the gun that never seems to shoot at the center. Thanks for the input though. edit: fuck arty
  2. I'm mostly just looking at money-making capability (so gold ammo spam can't be too often a thing). I tried the T-44 and I hated it because I couldn't pen crap without gold.
  3. Also, I'm looking for a tier 8 prem med. Is the AMX CDC any good, or is there a better alternative? I'm used to tanks with 0 armor. I just want a fast tank with a good gun. Preferably with a lot of gun depression. And that makes a lot of money.
  4. What happened to NTR? I liked them because they had a cool clan logo. And I hate to ask, but how exactly do strongholds work? I read the WoT page on it, but it's still a bit fuzzy to me.
  5. Whoa, -G- isn't top anymore? What happened? What previously strong clans died, and what new ones rose? Actually, what are the list of the top ranking clans now?
  6. Dang, I originally quit because of arty and how they kept targeting my sorry ass. Nice to hear that mediums are still strong though. Also I swear on my life, it's been a year or more since the Action X Centurion was unveiled and everybody sat around twiddling their fingers in anticipation of it, and it STILL has not come.
  7. Hey there, As the title says, I haven't played WoT practically since 8.6 or so came out. Anybody here nice enough to fill me in on whats new? Also, before I left, I got my first tier X (FV4202) and now I'm looking for a good line to grind down. I've tried researching myself, but there's been so many new additions I can't keep up. I like tanks with a lot of maneuverability, firepower, and gun depression, and I don't care much for armor, though turret armor would be really nice (I like tanks like the Leopard 1, Cromwell, Comet, and Centurion). In addition, is the FV4202 still crap or did WG fina
  8. Most people here would get pretty upset with you diving into tier 8 immediately before learning the basics first at the lower tiers, but you seem to have your shit sorted out actually. 1274 WN8 at 14 battles for a guy playing WoT for the first time? Playing only tier 8? You might only have a 36% wr right now, but that's probably an issue with the 14 battle sample size. Also, out of curiosity what rank are you in CS:GO?
  9. Looking for a chill clan that would let me chill inside. I don't have any tier X's apart from an unpurchased FV4202 (it's probably gonna stay that way too, unless WG buffed it in the past year). I pretty much solopubbed all my battles up to now, but it'd be nice to see that change. I would normally set off to find a clan for myself, but I haven't really touched WoT for about a year, so I lost track of all the clans. Instead of sifting through hundreds of threads, might as well shoot something here and hope for the best I guess. Also, this is probably a bit unrelated, but
  10. awcmon


    If I liked the Centurion (both marks), how much would I like the STA-1? One thing I've always been annoyed about with the Centurion is the non-existent camo, low speed (STA doesn't look like it improves much there though, but maybe I'm wrong), and massive size. It looks like the STA-1 fixes all of that though, at the cost of the turret and to an extent, the gun. How is the STA-1 compared to the Centurion Mark I? How often is the STA-1 used in TC's/Team Battles? How does the STA-1 fare in pubs, both solo and platooned? I've been debating whether or not to get the STA-1 or Pershi
  11. I'm probably pretty late, but I can't help but ask why the Centurion is so lowly-rated compared to the STA-1 and Pershing. Not really trying to argue or anything, but just curious. Neither the STA-1 nor Pershing look that much more mobile, similar terrain resistances and HP/Ton and whatnot. The Centurion's armor isn't too far off from the Pershing from the looks of it. Slightly less stronger turret than the Pershing, and much better than the STA, which has virtually no armor to speak of anywhere. The Centurion's gun looks better than the STA's and Pershings too. More accurac
  12. Like the Centurions, you don't stay in hulldown; you pop up, fire, then move back down unless you're sure they're not going to hit you easily (aka they're moving or shooting somebody else). You go hulldown to minimize exposure and that's it. I find that the mantlet on the Centurion isn't really anything that should be relied on to bounce stuff anyways-- it's not a T29 and it has good enough gun handling to be able to pop-up shoot accurately.
  13. Since it's pretty hard to push there and that's why most people here tell people not to go there since you only need like, two tanks to lock down the entire valley?
  14. Shit that doesn't give it to me straight wards me off since I really don't appreciate being patronized and lied to. Not hard to tell when they're doing it either. Don't enjoy being ass-kissed at all, since you know it isn't sincere and what they're saying behind your back is totally different. Worst part is how fucking blatant this all is and how they expect people to just eat it up, not realizing. Actually, even worse is how people actually do eat it all up, not realizing anything. the self-esteem era can go kill itself already
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