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  1. What equipment would you install on this tank if using the 75mm gun? And would you equip it differently if using the 105?
  2. SilverTaler

    The M103

    I have a question, which I hope isn't stupid, about free experiencing the top gun for M103. Its cost is 60K. If you spend the 60K will it reduce the exp necessary to grind to get to tier 10, since the E5 has the exact same gun?
  3. 1. What was your lesson type and duration? (e.g. 2-man lesson, 1 hour) 1 man, 2 hour session 2. Was the session enjoyable and fun? Definitely 3. Was the session educational and informative? Do you feel like your play has improved? It was very informative. Its up to me to put the map control lessons into use. 4. What is your opinion of Valachio as a tutor? Professional. Clearly explains what's happening. His answers are clear and the lesson was well structured. 5. What can Valachio improve upon as a tutor? I can't think of anything. 6. Would you take a lesson from Valachio again? Yes. I'm seein
  4. I bought but haven't done anything with it since. Probably will do more with it this summer.
  5. Ticket ID NVQ-431-33718 Category: World of Tanks Sub-category: In-Game Goods I sold my M46 tank yesterday by mistake. I just realized it today when I went to paint it. I had just bought it last Sunday. I thought I was selling my M26. If you could reverse the sale and put my M46 back I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! Replies Dan Clark 17 April 2015 16:02 Dear SilverTaler, Thank you for your interest in World of Tanks and for contacting World of Tanks Support. After a careful review of our records, we confirm you sold your M46 Patton (U.S.A
  6. I bough the M46 Patton and then sold it by mistake a few days after i bought it. Last month. I sent in a ticket and was told getting a tank back wasn't possible. They located the transaction and listed in their response, but could do nothing about it. If you want a good laugh I'll post the email exchange.
  7. Fractured space does look cool. Are you referring to the trailer or have you tried it?
  8. Now that Elite dangerous is launched I think I'm going to give it a shot. It looks more interesting than to me than Star Citizen.
  9. I have also researched it but not bought it. I also have the T-34-3 which is a difficult tank to master, I really don't like it. I'll wait for the buff and resume the line with the WZ-132.
  10. I played a few games with this last night and it was a blast. Good at sidescraping. Great at ramming. A lot of fun!
  11. I played with this vehicle last night and thought it was amazing. I'm considering retraining an experienced tank crew to this vehicle. Oneechan's article from April 2,14 gifts a great overview of what crew skills to use by tank class. Would ypu guys suggest anything different for the first 2 skills for an Ru 251crew? Thanks!
  12. I just bought this tank. I'm moving a crew from another medium into it. They have all finished the first skill which is currently repairs. I'll retrain the commander to 6th sense. How about the rest? This tank has a reputation as being fragile, should I leave the rest of the skills as repairs? Also for equipment I installed GLD and Rammer. Suggestions on the 3rd slot? I'm also considering 2 repair kits. Thanks!
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