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  1. Yep, same on EU. I have already seen a couple of bot-like players with 0 battles on their accounts. I assume they were re-rolls, although I have no idea why someone would create a new account for this event.
  2. It was nice for the first few days. But by now, at least on EU server, it seems that all 46% bots have finally discovered this mode and now it is not uncommon to have 3 players camp in the back or drive to the other side of the map. Heck, I have just seen a med push Lakeville valley...
  3. So, and now I have the last Chimera mission remaining, Alliance 15: deal 6500 damage. Any suggestions on the best tank and tactics for this mission? For me it seems unproportionally more difficult compared to others - I haven't ever managed to do 6,5k in my 30k battles so far (although I did manage 6k+ on a few occasions), while the other three final missions for Chimera did not require any extraordinary achievement. I have E5, E4, Patton, T57 Heavy and S Conq available. I am inclined to focus on either Patton or T57 for this, although I completely suck at T57 so far. Does it make sense to focus on Polish tree and get 60TP instead?
  4. After resisting for so long I have finally succumbed to the dark side and decided to go for this branch. Now according to what I have read online, those vehicles are supposed to have two driving modes, which are toggled by pressing "X", but for me it seems that nothing has changed. Was this scrapped together with boost mechanics?
  5. Nope, vanilla client. In fact I think that the very same day, a couple of battles before I spotted this issue, I had another Grand Battle and the missions were showing correctly, but I wasn't completely sure if my memory wasn't tricking, as I hadn't had a GB since and couldn't check this.
  6. Thx for confirmation. So it was a very weird bug in my case, it seems.
  7. Is it still possible to do personal missions in Grand Battles? I am absolutely sure it was possible in the past and I have completed at least a few of them this way, but today I got a Grand Battle in my E100, and after pressing the N key I got "No missions available for this vehicle". Has anybody else noticed that? Is it some bug, or did WG decided to disable missions fro Grand Battles? I was unable to find any announcement regarding this.
  8. Swamp was a great map indeed. I did like Sacred Valley and some of the many reincarnations of Severogorsk were OK as well. Now Pearl River was probably my most hated map back then. But of course, that was a long time before abominations like Paris.
  9. -8 degrees for IS-3-II and ST-II makes them equal to E5 in terms of gun depression.
  10. I have tried this tactics and was disgusted how little progress in the ranks I have received. Killing the turret entirely alone I have moved maybe one third of the rank (Sergeant to Lieutenant). It seems that focusing on enemy tanks and simply ignoring the objectives makes much more sense.
  11. Yes, that would explain everything. Of course, in my opinion it doesn't seem intuitive to get a "critical hit" notification if you did not cause sufficient damage to actually damage or destroy a module, but that only shows how bad I am at understanding WG's game design decisions.
  12. I know that and so I am not surprised that I did not complete the mission. What I find surprising is that in the battle results screen no critical damage is shown at all. E.g. in the picture below, I hit the IS-7 twice, both time receiving "critical hit" notifications, but there is no critical damage marked in the battle results - not tracks, not vision device - nothing. This is what I find surprising. Is it a bug? Is critical hit not registered if the player uses a repair kit to repair a module (doesn't seem so, but who knows with WG)? Something else?
  13. Not sure if this is worthy a separate topic, but I was unable to found any information on this issue. So, I am trying to complete HT 4:4, which requires me to damage 6 internal modules or crew members in enemy tanks. Not having any Japanese heavies nor KV-2 and not getting the mission done via regular play, I've decided to give it a try firing only HE from E100 (yes, yes, I know, this is a sacrilege, but I was impatient and wanted to complete it as fast as possible). As it can be expected, every time I hit anything, there's notification about the critical hit. But in the results screen after the battle I see only a few critical hits (or even none at all). Does it mean that there is "critical hit" notification every time you hit someone with HE shell, even if no actual module is damaged?
  14. Basically there is no answer to this question. For any number x of the games played there is still probability y, that your result in those x games is "incorrect" by some percentage z compared to your "true" skill in that tank. As the number x increases, the combination y*z decreases. But even if you played 10,000 games, there is still (very small) possibility y, that there is some significant difference z between your "true" skill and your achieved result. It is possible to get very unlucky in any amount of games, just the possibility gets smaller and smaller and smaller. At least that's what I keep telling myself after I have a string of 300 games with 43% WR...
  15. I was wondering, what is the impact of reusable repair kits on the repair skill? Is it still the highest priority for any tank which is even remotely likely to participate in a brawl, or has it became less important and can be trained as second or third skill, after camo/gun handling/mobility/etc.? As the new patch hasn't hit the EU server yet, what are the impressions on the NA players regarding this issue?
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