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  1. Not sure if this is worthy a separate topic, but I was unable to found any information on this issue. So, I am trying to complete HT 4:4, which requires me to damage 6 internal modules or crew members in enemy tanks. Not having any Japanese heavies nor KV-2 and not getting the mission done via regular play, I've decided to give it a try firing only HE from E100 (yes, yes, I know, this is a sacrilege, but I was impatient and wanted to complete it as fast as possible). As it can be expected, every time I hit anything, there's notification about the critical hit. But in the results screen after the battle I see only a few critical hits (or even none at all). Does it mean that there is "critical hit" notification every time you hit someone with HE shell, even if no actual module is damaged?
  2. isterija

    "Missing" critical hits?

    Yes, that would explain everything. Of course, in my opinion it doesn't seem intuitive to get a "critical hit" notification if you did not cause sufficient damage to actually damage or destroy a module, but that only shows how bad I am at understanding WG's game design decisions.
  3. isterija

    "Missing" critical hits?

    I know that and so I am not surprised that I did not complete the mission. What I find surprising is that in the battle results screen no critical damage is shown at all. E.g. in the picture below, I hit the IS-7 twice, both time receiving "critical hit" notifications, but there is no critical damage marked in the battle results - not tracks, not vision device - nothing. This is what I find surprising. Is it a bug? Is critical hit not registered if the player uses a repair kit to repair a module (doesn't seem so, but who knows with WG)? Something else?
  4. isterija

    How many games for statistical relevance?

    Basically there is no answer to this question. For any number x of the games played there is still probability y, that your result in those x games is "incorrect" by some percentage z compared to your "true" skill in that tank. As the number x increases, the combination y*z decreases. But even if you played 10,000 games, there is still (very small) possibility y, that there is some significant difference z between your "true" skill and your achieved result. It is possible to get very unlucky in any amount of games, just the possibility gets smaller and smaller and smaller. At least that's what I keep telling myself after I have a string of 300 games with 43% WR...
  5. I was wondering, what is the impact of reusable repair kits on the repair skill? Is it still the highest priority for any tank which is even remotely likely to participate in a brawl, or has it became less important and can be trained as second or third skill, after camo/gun handling/mobility/etc.? As the new patch hasn't hit the EU server yet, what are the impressions on the NA players regarding this issue?
  6. isterija

    Upcoming MM Changes

    Am I the only one who thinks that almost identical team composition would have negative impact? Yes, at the moment there is an issue on certain maps, but in general "unwinable" compositions do not happen that often. And I find it interesting to have asymmetrical teams, where you have to analyse strengths and weaknesses of your and enemy tanks and decide, what part of the map and what tactics will give you and advantage. Making all compositions "fair" would make the game much more boring for me.
  7. Bought it a few days ago and I AM IN LOVE!!! After trying to complete HT 3.12 (bounce triple HP + do 2k damage) in IS-7 for a hundred or so battles I abandoned all hope and started researching German heavy line from the scratch just for this damn mission. 200+ battles in E 75? Nope. 200+ battles in E 100? Still nope. And then I've purchased E5. 15 battles later it bounced more than 8k without me even trying too hard.
  8. isterija

    Where to put female crew members

    Why do you insist on putting female crew directly into Tier 10? If you don't have TVP (or any other tank you want to have female crew for) researched, put them in the tank from that line that you currently have (even if that's Tier 6 or 7) and go on grinding that line. Even if you don't spend gold, 10% primary skill loss on retraining is not that big of a deal - by the time you reach Tier 10, your girls will have at least one additional skill fully trained, probably more.
  9. isterija

    SU-152 Fan Club

    Wow, thanks a million for such an exhaustive reply! Today I found out that Black Prince, which was firmly in the second place of my Most Hated list, can actually work, at least sometimes. So maybe there's hope for SU-152 as well.
  10. isterija

    SU-152 Fan Club

    I am a big fan of this tank as well. It has it all. Lack of maneuverability is compensated by complete absence of armor. Huge size means that even blind monkey will have no problems hitting it. Gun is very versatile as well - you can't shoot from long distance, because it takes shell half an hour to travel anywhere and even if the target is not moving, horrible accuracy means that you are very unlikely to hit anything, and you can't shoot from close distance, because you have no armor nor agility to avoid getting shot three times in return. Aiming takes forever, which works just great with a soft huge TD, which cannot survive in the open longer than a few seconds. And best of all - after waiting for 20 seconds to reload, you can do those oh so impressive 200 dmg with a HE shell. I've never rage-sold the tank so far, but I have a feeling that I am very close this time. Please, please, please, give me some advice how to make it work? After reading this thread I do understand that I should use HEAT shells much more liberally (although I have problem avoiding bounces with them). But what about general play style, positioning, etc.?
  11. isterija

    Why I play without XVM - and maybe you should too

    But doesn't it make sense to adjust your decisions based on XVM information? E.g. early rush to some high-risk, high-reward position might be a good idea and the straightest path to a victory if enemy players in fast tanks are below average, but too risky if they are good? I've never used XVM, but always assumed that such information could be useful when deciding your approach. Or am I completely wrong here (and why, if so)?
  12. isterija

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Unless we assume you are immortal, the answer might depend on your age. Let us assume that any alternative investments are so much inferior that we aren't even discussing them. Let us assume that you do not have any children or simply do not care about them. So, if you are 20 and expect to live another 60 years, you can expect 600,000 of total income from your investment. But if you are 80 years old, it is very likely that you will die within next 10 years, so if you have 200,000 USD spare, you will probably achieve a higher standard of living by simply spending these money instead of investing them and spending only the returns.
  13. isterija

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Actually, there is right answer. Find what is the risk-adjusted return for an alternative investments and you've got your answer. If the best possible alternative gives you 5% return after adjusting for risk, then you should buy the factory as long as the price is below 200,000 (which would result in the yearly return of 5% or higher). If the price is higher than that, you should choose an alternative investment instead. Of course, in the real world it is very difficult to evaluate the risk with high precision. Also most people are risk-averse, so they prefer smaller (risk-adjusted) return with a lower risk, so they would choose 5% return with zero risk over 10% return with 10% risk of losing their investment (which is still 9% return after adjusting for risk), even if this is not rational.
  14. isterija

    Learning Programming

    In my experience reading books provides some foundation, but is in general quite inefficient way of learning past the very basics. Come up with some kind of idea, some kind of application you would like to create (try to find a balance between something so simple you don't need any additional learning in order to implement it and something so complicated you have no idea where to start) and then start working on it. Hands-on learning is the most efficient way. While I spent 6 years in the university studying programming (Master's Degree in Computer Science), almost everything I've learned was learned either in hobby projects or in actual job. Uni is a great to learn abstract stuff, like math, concepts of modelling, etc., but real-world development can only be learned by actually programming stuff. And don't worry if the idea you came up with was already implemented with someone else. You don't need to create an unique app in order to learn. And while I might be somewhat partial here, C++ is a great tool for learning. Certainly not the simplest, but it has both low entry level (it is not that difficult to start working with it, as you are mostly using C, but skipping some of the more complicated memory management) and almost unlimited possibilities for improving – after 3 years of professional development I thought I finally mastered it, then changed job and found out that I was barely scratching the surface of what is possible. As a bonus you actually get some understanding of inner workings of pointers and memory allocation, instead of simply trusting the garbage collector to do the job.
  15. isterija

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Well, while this is obviously bad game balance, at least it pretty much reflects the real history of the development in armored warfare – by 1950-ies heavy tanks became obsolete and were replaced by MBTs, an evolution of the medium tanks.
  16. isterija

    Travelling experiences

    Prague is definitely worth a visit. I've lived there for a couple of years and wouldn't say that crime rate in Czech Republic is high. Of course, you have to be mindful of your surroundings and rely on common sense anywhere in the world. Regarding English – most of the young people can speak some English throughout Czech Republic, and in any somewhat touristic place you will find plenty of people working in the travel industry, who speak good English as well. I would say you will have more problems trying to speak English in Germany or France compared to Czech Republic. Some of the smaller historical Czech towns are splendid (Česky Krumlov, Loket, Hradec Kralovy to name just a few). One more important advice - make sure to take several credit/debit cards and keep them separately. Credit cards get stolen, "eaten" by ATMs, blocked by banks which suddenly decide that multiple transactions abroad look "suspicious", etc. It might be somewhat annoying when you arrive to a small town in a middle of nowhere at 2 AM, have 20 cents in cash in your pocket and find out that your only credit card is disabled. If possible, try to get cards from different banks as well. For a long trip you might want more than two cards – I had 5 different cards when I left on my current trip 4 months ago. At the moment only 2 of them are still working. While mine is an extremely unlucky case, it is obviously possible.
  17. isterija

    Travelling experiences

    First – you might want to wait a month or two until the weather improves. Travelling is much more fun when it is warm and not raining (or snowing). Longer daylight helps a lot as well, unless you are only interested in spending a whole night in the pub, the sleeping through the day and getting back to the pub. Don't plan your route too much in advance, but try to have at least a general idea where do you want to go next and why. Transport – inside the cities use your feet as much as possible. Not only it is free – you will see and experience much more this way. Of course, use common sense, unless you want to experience too much (e.g. walking in certain parts of some cities after dark might be a little bit too exciting). Traveling between cities avoid very long trips, it is better to take a 5 hour trip, get out, spend some time exploring whatever town you have arrived to, and then make another 5 hour trip next day, instead of spending an entire day on the bus or train. Exception: if there's overnight trip available, it allows saving both time and money on an accommodation. Be careful about your stuff on buses and trains – unwatched luggage has a tendency to grow legs. This applies to all countries, even the most civilized ones. If you feel comfortable about the idea, you might try exploring the concept of hitch-hiking. Media might try to persuade us otherwise, but it is actually quite safe (you are in much bigger danger walking on the city streets). You will save money (unlike Africa or Asia, nobody expects being paid for a ride in Europe, the only exception might be Russia, and again, mostly for a trips inside the city only) and will meet lots of very different people, who will often provide you a wealth of information about the location. It can be quite fast as well, as long as you are traveling between major cities and have a basic idea how to do it properly, but if you are going to some less populated place, be prepared to wait a long time or choose different means of transportation. Accommodation – as already mentioned, youth hostels are cheap and a great place to meet other travelers. Keep in mind, that significant majority of those fellow travelers in hostels will be mostly interested in booze and parties, which might be a good or a bad thing depending on your own inclinations. It certainly can interfere with a night's sleep, at least in some places. Another alternative is - often more expensive than hotel dorms, but allows meeting locals. Yet another and completely free alternative - Haven't used it in a while, but at least some time ago it was a great way to find a place to sleep and meet locals. If your budget is tight, plan spending more time in cheap countries. Your expenses in Czech Republic, Baltic countries, Balkans or Hungary will be significantly lower than in Germany or France (not even mentioning Switzerland or Norway).
  18. In this case it would be possible to assemble a group of 4 students, which would include both "student X"=1 and this "student, unknown to the student X"=2 as well as "student Y"=3 and "student, unknown to the student Y"=4. It is clear, that the initial condition does not hold and in this group there is no student who would know each of the other 3: Student 1 might know student 3 and 4, but he does not know student 2, Student 2 might know student 3 and 4, but he does not know student 1, Student 3 might know student 1 and 2, but he does not know student 4, Student 4 might know student 1 and 2, but he does not know student 3, Initial condition says that assembling such group should be impossible, because in every possible group of 4 students someone knows each of the other 3. q.e.d.
  19. Is there any quick and dirty way to approximate deviation of WR within desired confidence interval after a given number of battles? (I hope my attempt to remember proper terminology from the statistics classes makes sense...)
  20. Yes. Because unicums have single non-random factor, which determines their above-average results: their skill. By introducing skill-based MM skill will become a random factor.
  21. Exactly – randomness. So the outcome of the game will be random and the average result over the long run will be a win rate of 50% (minus draws). But we do not want random outcome. We want skill-dependent outcome. So why are you asking for a matchmaker with predetermined odds of 50%?
  22. I think that Sixth Sense dumbs down the game, as you no longer need to think if you can be spotted or not - you simply peek from the cover, get back and watch for the bulb. So much better decision would be to remove it, not to add it automatically. But taking into account that most players (at least the ones who matter) have this perk on most of their crews anyway, I don't see why there should be any significant impact on the gameplay. Also as I understand this is not coming in the near future anyway.
  23. isterija

    KV-85 first impression

    Had only a couple of battles in it, and still can't get over the gun depression nerf. Otherwise 100 mm gun is very respectable.
  24. I always try to end the daily session with at least 50% WR. Quite often I start with a streak of multiple loses (I think maximum was 10 or 12), but keep playing until I reach the desired result. I used to get on tilt quite badly, sometimes barely stopping myself from insulting my team before the game even starts, but somehow I've managed to get past this and now a streak of bad games just makes me to focus harder on the win. Also I've found that playing in platoon makes me significantly more anxious and likely to go on tilt than playing alone. In general I simply try to remind myself that any sequences of bad games are just statistical flukes and I simply need to focus and try to play each game as good as I can. Keep thinking that every battle is an independent event, so any history of previous fails has no impact on the current battle.
  25. I agree regarding focusing on better playing, not on stats, but "playing better" is difficult to measure without having any numbers that you can compare. Yes, you can identify the main mistakes that you did, but that still doesn't help answering the question "Am I playing better than the week before". The changes in the thought process are too slow and too gradual to easily notice them, and it isn't always clear if your way of thinking in the specific situation was correct or not - even if you succeed or fail, you can't always be really sure if in this specific instance success or failure was determined by your decisions. That's why statistics, accumulated over some amount of battles, are so useful as a measuring tool, if you want to set some specific goals for yourself.