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  1. I should play 12 more games in my cgc to get like the 18th spot. I feel bad most of my top 50's are arty. Well I guess I have the m60 in the top 50 lol. I'm horrible I know.
  2. When your doing fastbois and the other team spams nothing but gold at your Type-64's....it doesn't piss me off but it annoys me that their wasting so many precious credits.
  3. I've parked right beside a Leo before in my T49 and still managed to miss. I swear the T49 hits things a range better than up close. Maybe I just don't expect much at range so I"m always pleasently suprised. Though the 183 is pretty good, my top game in it was 11.6k damage that ended in a loss. So sad.
  4. The most common answer would be depression. Lets be honest now...the 62a's turret doesn't matter much in a brawl, other than the occasional bounce or two. Which I guess could save a game.
  5. We use it if there's an all Batchat strat. Which is always fun.
  6. Is it tier 10 or 53/55. Check Can it be used in strongholds. Check Sell everything else. Except for T30
  7. It's also because the limit of 3 tank choices is boring also.
  8. Well they've never done a 3k mini campaign. Any campaign that gives a tier 8 has always been 1500 so they're shorting us 500.
  9. I've been making money on it. Though considering I haven't even loaded Consumables of any kind yet. That may be the reason.
  10. You must not know the way of heat round Jesus that is known as the M44. Like seriously 260 average pen on a tier 6, as somebody stated above tier 6 and below have negligible splash so why not spreme heat. Unless you're against gold rounds I guess.
  11. S7rike

    M7 guidance!

    Yeah, considering I only set out to improve it's stats from the last time I played it 2 years ago. It just happens at tier 5.
  12. S7rike

    M7 guidance!

    My Inner Autism has surfaced.
  13. What show is that on your sig?

    1. S7rike


      Gundam Unicorn

  14. T30 is just one of those tanks. If you don't know how to play it, well you just don't know how to play it. Saying it's bad is alright. Your opinion. It exemplifies the American playstyle (Other than the t110). They fall in narrow niche of play styles.
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