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  1. Come check this clan out, you won't be disappointed!
  2. To add to that, press the "x" key to lock your tracks in place as a TD.
  3. Agreed, staying alive and flexing to where you would be most effective is what id suggest.
  4. Saw a guy today with an 11% winrate in a tog 2... and yes he had well over 100 battles.
  5. The little tier 5 american medium, the M7. I just can't figure our how to play that thing. Oh and an honorary mention to the Pz III/IV, when i first bought the thing I loved it, continued to play it and unlocked the vk 30.01D. I sold the little pz to get enough credits to purchase the vk. I have since bought it back to unlock the vk 30.01H before the update. It's unbelievable how badly Ive played in that thing recently. If I managed to get a win it would be because my team had enough backbone to carry my deadweight. So glad to finally have gotten rid of it again.
  6. Definitely joining this clan. I would be glad to help out as well once I reach a high enough level to train others.
  7. 1039 base experience M8A1 Victory! Battle: Steppes July-19-13 9:32:17 AM Vehicle: M8A1 Experience received: 3,116 (x2) Credits received: 26,119 Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Sharpshooter, Master Gunner, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"
  8. What advice would you give concerning the T25/2?
  9. I could really use some help. I've been trying to improve, but am not seeing many results in my performance. Ingame name- Acron Time Zone- Most days I will usually play from 4-6:30(occasionally a bit later but depends on the day) French TD's and American ones, Russian Heavies, and American Heavies, AMX 13 90 Tier range 2-9 Current skill level average Skill level hoped to obtain Unicum (60 day stats) Very Thick skin Yes I have voice comms Great thread, this is something I have needed for a long time.
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