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  1. If its still available, I'd like to be up for consideration.
  2. Isn't clan shopping frowned upon by like every clan on the server?
  3. Why would anybody want to join a team with Carry on it?
  4. What equipment on the IS-5?

    1. Panzer9Supertiger


      Same as IS-3 I would think, rammer, vstab, gld.

    2. KenadianCSJ


      I put rammer/vstab/vents on mine. I've also got a 4 skill crew with BIA, so YMV.

  5. It was funny the first couple thousand times. Its kinda old now.
  6. So I'm pretty bored and decided that streaming may help. Bio: I'm pretty bad and hate arty. When: Whenever I'm online which is a lot because I play this damn game too much. Enter if you dare: http://www.twitch.tv/storedwall Status (If I remember to update it): OFFLINE
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