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  1. It's been my opinion for years that it's not possible within physical fucking reality to balance the game when every single slab of armor in the game faces 2 shells that are identical, except for their penetration values. Either people would bitch that their heavy tank is pure butter to gold, or other people would bitch that the superheavies cant be fought without gold. Made me a bitter boi and I quit playing. The fact that theyre changing this is gonna turn up a shitstorm of rebalancing but overall I think this is the bitter medicine world of tanks needed, gonna be pretty celebratory if world of tanks actually follows through on this.
  2. Ok so personally I am much more comfortable playing heavy tanks. However, I'm playing ranked battles and am finding myself getting gold spammed a lot. Is it worth it to simply give up on playing a heavy tank in that game mode, and only touch mediums? I feel like the benefits of armor are pretty low compared to the mobility and gun handling. I love my IS-7 and wanna play it for fun as well, but I won't if it screws up my chance of winning.
  3. Thank you my bros, I kinda figured it would boil down to patriot vs lowe, both are awesome looking, but I think I will choose the option of patriot due to the convincing argument @nabucodonsor made about how the lowe is more passive and the patriot can dictate the fight better. This is important as it will be a good and dynamic learning platform for the player compared to the lowes often static and unchanging playstyle. I'm all done here, again thanks a bunch for the advice!
  4. My friend got into this game casually like a year ago and is playing more often now that he got to tier 5, he's almost at 7 now. I try my best to guide him towards playing ok, platooning with him, telling him where to shoot and how to angle armor. It makes me cringe though how hard it is for him to get credits so i figured I'd buy him a premium tank for his birthday coming up, since he's not terrible. I'd like to get him something noob friendly but also something that would engage and help him evolve as a player. I personally love the lowe, it's not retarded like the 252, but when you play right and carefully you can do ridiculously well. I'm not very familiar with other premiums, I'm thinking perhaps one of the Americans is also good, but that's why I'm here, because I have no clue. It also doesnt help that I've been back only for a couple weeks after a 6 month absence so I'm kind of out of the loop. What would the collective wotlabs community say on this?
  5. To be honest, my guess from personal cultural experience is that the Russians were like "cyka blyat, we dont understand americans good", so they went ahead and hired someone who advertised themselves as a person in tune with the US business scene and gave him free reign. After that, said guy likely went ahead and just hired his friends rather than actual competent workers. It would explain the super cringy world of tanks ads that usually make me embarrassed to be playing. It would also explain the sudden extreme SJW response to foch, since theyre automatically just doing what corporate america does, rather than being actually fucking competent in communicating and analyzing a situation.
  6. Legit had trouble figuring out where to post about a wot contest Too bad prank channels are out of style
  7. So basically the mission offers 10 prizes of 1000 gold to people who manage to make the word "military" out of the first letters of players that you kill through multiple battles. you post the screenshots of all the battles with the kills in a forum and pray. I am the juicy prime cut, holding the rarest of the letters, lol, so I am going to be playing a bit less aggressive to not get yolo'd. This is also a warning to anyone else who matches one of the letters. http://tankwarroom.com/article/857/get-free-gold-in-the-world-of-tanks-writing-in-the-sand-contest
  8. I'll give an upvote, it's like watching the final breath of a unicorn that gives people cancer, diahrrea, and herpes, oddly beautiful and sad in a way. I wonder if we'll ever be able to play 2011 wot, just to feel the difference the game has gone through?
  9. I can see this as a positive change. The new frontline game mode is gonna be the call of duty to the standard counter strike style of play in tanks, and if nurtured properly through marketing and being nice to players, will be able to attract a large number of new players purely by enhancing the game's diversity. I think one of the ways they're going to populate the frontline game mode is by introducing the aforementioned new currency as something unique to the game mode, functioning kind of like SH resources in acquisition, and providing some generally nice benefits to the players when used. If the above all actually happens, I expect a major marketing campaign for wot to be thrown down. Just my speculation
  10. I don't really get the hate about the stun effect, it's just a 30% reduction in effectiveness that doesn't even affect you unless you're being focused down by two arties. Personally the massive splash and being able to hit enemies that are behind serious cover is what annoys me more.
  11. I love the aesthetic of these big uneven bump covered tanks. They remind me of a classic and delicious Belorussian candy we sometimes got to have as children in festivities, it was called "potato".
  12. Among all of this balancing and RNG anger I'm kinda sad. The things I'm seeing are not encouraging, and despite continued success, the lack of an esports scene that generates income, even with extreme financial life support from WG, is a red flag. I really hope this game stays healthy and gets the things it needs to continue for a lot longer because I love it a lot more than other competitive games.
  13. Mainly because his feelings seemed so much more fragile than a regular troll's. Searching up his name in this forum kind of confirmed it
  14. To start off I feel like your post has more salt in it than sarcasm, which I think is why you got the neg rep. So the gist of my criticism was exactly what you mentioned, the bad trades in the beginning, and too much aggression/risk taking which led to you being too weak to do much late game. In the very beginning, the batchat knocked a shot off of you because of your shortcut. The biggest tip I hear from top players is that you always have to analyze your opponent before the game starts. when you know the enemy has a superior scout tank and is a high level player it is wise to take caution and go the way the IS-3 did, especially when your allies are already gonna take up any forward position you want before you. You then kind of tunnel visioned and poked out in a place that was open to the bchat from where he shot you the first time. You tunnel visioned again, and got punished because you were sitting on top of the hill there, which is why the STA shot you. The engagement with the lowe was not very ideal, since he was almost hulldown. during those times I think you have to sit back and see where else you can go, or maybe support your teammates if they do something crazy, but there was no need to play peek a boo with the german, though you got away with it. The shot you took from the lowe by crossing was worth it I think, since you managed to destroy them by doing so, so nice job on that. The trading and generally the plays around where you shot at the conqueror were extremely risky, especially so when you were already a 2 shot. You only took 1 shot for 1, which is bad, but it could have easily turned uglier if the batchat for example took notice of how you were poking around. It is only at this point when you realize you will die soon when you start playing a lot more carefully. This is the playstyle that should have been taken when you were a two shot. I thought you were going to die when you pushed the forest in the far north west. It doesn't make sense, especially since you not only have inferior view range, but are also a one shot, and have no teammates to take advantage of what you find in there. If absolutely necessary, it is more effective to poke in carefully. good plays shooting at the mediums, you did a great job there. At the moment you died, I realize you may have been in a panic, but I think your most likely chance of survival would have been to use your teammate as cover rather than running to the side. It would have been more complicated for the object to kill you if he had to avoid a jagtiger, who he could not shoot due to the fact that you would simply pop out and shoot back. That's all I saw. I'm nobody special, so take others reviews to heart more than mine.
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