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  1. Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I will read the linked post and update my list. I really appreciate the input. Sorry for not doing my due diligence with the search, i should have known better.
  2. So within my clan I am starting to organize some tournament teams. Currently doing the weekday warfare tournies as they are fun and don't interfere with CW. I want to make a list of tanks that my regular players should work on getting and grinding out good crews for. I do not want to have people give me specific tank comps for tournies as the rules regarding which tanks you can bring are always changing, just some good ones to keep in the garage for tourny purposes. let's ignore the lower tiers as they are easy to obtain and retrain a crew for. I am interested in tiers 5-9 (not tier 10
  3. I use server reticle mod. Have you ever noticed how occasionally when moving your turret 180° the client reticle will go one way, server the other? Frustrating.
  4. over the course of 165 battles in the M41 Bulldog and I have a WN8 in that tank of 3000. If a shitlord like me can do that, It must be OP. and no, not just because the WN8 doesn't have accurate expected values. I am continually raking in tonnes of XP off of it. I sense a huge nerf coming to it. My guess is in 9.5 after the masses get it over the next couple months and realize just how good it is. On a side note, I don't play it to raise my wn8, I play it because it is fun as hell. I fully expect them to raise the expected values significantly and my wn8 to drop. I don't care. It is fun
  5. I, for one, welcome our new bulldog overlords. I've been switching between guns. Both of those were with the non-auto version.
  6. that buzzing from computer activity is common with cheap onboard audio. A low cost sound card can fix that. If you are going to invest in a decent set of head phones, that might be something to consider. I know you are on a budget, but in the future.
  7. Age: 29 Time Zone: GMT-5 (eastern) tier 10s: E5, AMX 50b, IS7, Object 140, T57 and WTE-100 Currently grinding (current tier): STB-1 (7), Batchat (9) FV4202( Patton (9) Availability: 5-7 days a week. When I am expected to be on, I am. If I am not, I will give advanced notice. If I am online in tanks, I will be in Teamspeak with no exception. What I expect from a potential clan: ACTIVITY! Looking for an active clan. That includes Stongholds, CW, tournaments etc. I know I do not have the stats to demand to be in a top clan, but if you are a CW clan be able to hold land (even
  8. So I would like to start getting into some tournaments. I am in a clan, but they are strictly clan wars focused. I'd like to Branch out, learn more, and maybe even earn some gold. Although gold is not a priority winning always is and the two go hand in hand. I've posted/tried contacting people who have posted on the official forums for individual tournaments, but have not had much luck. I have a lot of viable tanks for most tiers. I enjoy mediums and heavies mostly. Only TD lines i've really gone up are the german waffle line (tier 10) and the American E3 Line (tier 8 ) Ideally I would
  9. something seemed off to the bush/camo mechanics to me as well. Typically i wrote it off as an enemy having a line of sight on me I was unaware of. Now you've got me wondering, it is not unheard of for WG to change things with out any official notice.
  10. Wasn't this done recently.... http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/t54e1/
  11. Yeah, I am off work on disability right now. Might as well make use of the time
  12. I have 19 tanks ready for this mission. I already have the t34 so I want the gold. I picked up a few tier 5s while they were on sale this weekend. American: Chaffee, T71, Pershing, T69. T32. Hellcat. T25AT, T28 UK: AT2, Cromwell German: RHM France: ARL 44, 13-90 Russian: KV-13, KV-1S, IS-3 Chinese: M5A1 Japanese: Chi Nu The American one will obviously be the easiest to do I will likely only do the doubles on the Tier 8s I will put my primary focus on Chinese and Japanese to unlock more tanks. I don't mind this event since I like to collect the more useful ti
  13. Well Said Critya. That is why wotlabs is my favourite WoT community. So much to learn here for those who seek improvement.
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