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  1. Ye-well I aint nowhere near your level Deus, and when a green shitter is able to click profitably I dont dear to think how unicas will perform under such circumstances
  2. ...With max christmas booster on-50% added credits I discovered I can actually make a profit in my GC even running gold rounds, food, big rep-kit etc-at least in the rounds where I won and the sledge was unhurt. I never used to click so I could also add up those easy early clicker missions and add on 25-50k silver every 3. game or so. With 53/55, GC or T92 they were pretty easy. WTG WG :/ fukin insane
  3. ^^ this. On EU in current new year boost/idiot meta, a T30 is able to anchor way better than E4 due to a reliable turret. Arty splash and 3cunts/game is hurtful but you need JpzE100 punch to crush the mantlet. E4 is just a confused hybrid where nothing is really reliable
  4. SPG-11 260 missions. Comment- Conc GC and 53/55 and splash dmg is ofc the thing but under the right circumstances dont underestimate the capacity of clip of bat 155 58. I did this mission on Tundra by simply running to a0, aiming for a cluster of Heavys/tds twice creating a bottleneck on the heavytank corner. Teams evaporate so fast atm so the bat arty might be just as sufficient because the chance of shooting at a cluster of enemies decreases so fast.
  5. I said I would try to 2-mark it but gave that up too. The only thing it has is a decent gun. Everything else is utter garbage. Some ppl take the sport in mastering the most shitty tanks but its not just that. Its the meta, and specially the maps. I mean cmon-Sdudzianki, Minsk, glacier, the chinese wall. I complained about Serb too much, I realize. How is it possible to sink so low, developers??
  6. After a break of 2-2.5 years I came back for the fun of it. Puh, what meta! :/ Heartbreaking to read what little is left of the old guard of players-especially Gehachte's retreat post relatively new :/ WG-what are they doing… I suck atm especially tier x(which I always has, old man old reflexes etc) Decided to try tier 8. Never played this tank much. In this meta I find it virtually unplayable. 9/10 games you play tier X or at least IX. A paper tank in every sense of the word-equal tiers can go straight through your turret, even sidescraping tier VIII is almost impossible. I refuse to go stronk tenk though.. Try to at least 2-mark it before I give up..but I really do not know what to do. Wtf happened to all the maps? I mean-even playable maps they have changed to..what really?
  7. Morale: Turn ingame chat off. Pubs hardly know how to push 'w' and 's'- let alone anything about this game. Ingame chat as cancerous as an arty click
  8. It is so bloody embarrassing. Without Kolni's insight I would probably not even have realized that the IS7's deployment is the main issue in this match. Tnx for both the clip and comments Kolni
  9. The problem with that tank is that you are completely oblivious to any tier X tank. Unless he is paper you cant hurt him.
  10. I have realtek audio HD like Cronk and for me it was excactly the same issue
  11. ProxyCentauri

    Leopard 1

    Is i me or has smth changed with Leo 1 regarding actual aiming time etc. I know the bloom is sh as soon as you move but compared to 50M it seems like forever for reticle to shrink when still. I got an excellent crew so it shouldnt be that. Has smth been done with it the last couple of patches?
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