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  1. 'Hide behind your whole team' - dude, you think you get 10k spotting by 'hiding behind your whole team'? You got any understanding of game mechanics at all?
  2. I have not fully decided what kind of equipment I will use on the EVEN 90-atm I use CVS in the LT slot, optics and exhaust silencer. The last piece is the debatable one- feels good to have especially +2 km/h increased backward speed for peekabooing more effectively/turbo. This equipment gives the little ninja insane camo,though, 100%+. I even managed to find camo in the tiniest of downed trees along rails on Himmels. Completely broken. High fun factor, keeps your sanity on even footing in current meta. If your favorite fascist box tank lets you down(yes you, E50-M) try this. Als
  3. Cant say I 'hate' watching Russian players, on the contrary. Unless you tolerate some Russian swearing and squabbling it is probably best to mute the commentaries,though. I dont know what they do on YT regarding editing but on twitch there are a couple of good Russian livestreams easy to find. In addition to Stanlox, Cresp1ks is deep into super unicum. He aint too toxic either, usually pretty calm. Fantastic sit awareness, aiming, micromanaging etc. Most of the players in KOPM2-clan can be watched- they are a better clan than FAME on EU which speaks for itself. Guys like Diyador, Th
  4. Right. I dont have a clue about the use of most this new equipment. So in an IS-3 it is viable to use rammer and the usual mix of vents, IRM and stab then. I was considering hardening on my IS-3(redundant question in an IS-3 thread) but your argument seem sensible. I am running an almost FTP account this time and the grind is due to stock everyth etc. Hardening was tempting to try out
  5. I bump this thread because I have a question- is it worthvile using hardening on IS-3 or should one prioritize to max out gun-handling?
  6. Komarin in original state- bring back!
  7. ^^ this I had a tendency to last longer in meds on this map. Many of my coolest endgames were here. IIRC one of Decha's most epic carries with Fatton was on this map too-believe it is still on youtube. 1vs6 or 1vs7, sick carry. Very versatile map, especially for meds, albeight with all the new autoloaders, wheelies and shit it will probably play out somewhat different these days
  8. Me want Swamp back! (And at least one more slot to ban maps)
  9. Interesting game. The RNG of the gun is always a problem. I am pretty sure you would have kept forrest side fine if you clipped out that forward CS when it was 5-7. Then you would have kept that kemping dude at A0 alive and he could have helped you finish off forrest. CS was extremely fortunate and right after you lost 2/3 of HP pool. Nice endgame play,though, and many fine kills. Imagine having 100% HP there. Often needed, that gun is fukin trollish. Possibly Tiger 2 deserved first shot of final clip with full side and gun pointing straight on you if you were to shoot. I reckon yo
  10. I believe it was Felicious who made me aware of this position in another thread. On this account, the only tank I couldnt make it work with there has been of the O-Ni/ O-Ho size. They are so tall that turret is visible over the truck to the left of broken bush at all times== you are never ever really able to go fully dark. Astute enemy artillery can also be a problem. If I click and spawn north I often go A0 with other clickers in the team if artillery is fast, like a M53/55. I easily splash you both on western and eastern side of that building then. I have smoked out more than one guy fro
  11. Well done Schnitzel Thought you uninstalled for a moment due to this torture That new '88 has some punch, apart from that it is total crap. Armor cant hold even against Tier VI. It pissed me so much off I bypassed it with a couple of lootboxes in the end
  12. I bought 2 x 75 large boxes and 1x 25 large , needed gold and xp for the horrible grind up to E50. Started with the 25- that was pretty much empty, a couple of skins that was all. The 2. 75 was jackpot. Got Borat, GSOR and like 4-5 tier X skins. 3.one had Bisonte and the french tier VII autoloader. GSOR and Borat lovely tanks both and I generally only drive fascist box tanks solo so that double-barreled crap I dont mind missing out on anyway. Very pleased with the outcome
  13. Puh- I cheated some along the grind up to E50 with the 10.5cm. Toxic for the mind to dig this line out with a FTP mindset. Nirvana when I finally got it fully specked. Must say the turret feels stronger now. 3.battle in it I totally raped a M48 by peek-a-booing a little ridgeline between us. He was nice and only used apcr against me. I dinged and dodged pretty much everything. Dont believe that would have worked pre-buff because distance between us was so small. E50-line man, my first tier 9 and still my biggest passion although I never truly mastered it, especially the E50-M. That
  14. I admit it- I bought 2 big boxes but ok, the first one had the Borat and like 4 tier x skins. The second one had the GSOR. Pretty lucky, that double-barrel stuff is not me. Both tanks are among the funniest I have tried. Borat is simply awesome in current meta, I have had a couple of days with pure joy.
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