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  1. Morale: Turn ingame chat off. Pubs hardly know how to push 'w' and 's'- let alone anything about this game. Ingame chat as cancerous as an arty click
  2. It is so bloody embarrassing. Without Kolni's insight I would probably not even have realized that the IS7's deployment is the main issue in this match. Tnx for both the clip and comments Kolni
  3. The problem with that tank is that you are completely oblivious to any tier X tank. Unless he is paper you cant hurt him.
  4. I have realtek audio HD like Cronk and for me it was excactly the same issue
  5. ProxyCentauri

    Leopard 1

    Is i me or has smth changed with Leo 1 regarding actual aiming time etc. I know the bloom is sh as soon as you move but compared to 50M it seems like forever for reticle to shrink when still. I got an excellent crew so it shouldnt be that. Has smth been done with it the last couple of patches?
  6. 8_Hussars is right. Say you wanna be cheap, start up a new line in tier 5/6 or smth not spending gold or silver on the crew. Then you at least got a TC with 6.sense
  7. I still have this problem at times. The best cure I have for this is to repeat for myself 'now remember to look at minimap every 5 secs' before the start of each game. Combine this with 'stay in arcade as much as possible-fuck sniper mode' the last is also a good cure to lift your chin up and get the overall picture== maintain your situational awareness
  8. WG's decision making as wild as it may seem at times has some logic in it from their perspective. Remember that: -WG's philosophy has alwasy been $-oriented and greedy- player/game experiences are way down on the list -at present around 70% of their player base are Russians(probably close to 80% if one adds up Poles on EU servers)- this is where the $ comes from -SEA and NA servers are so small that WG hardly take them into consideration when it comes to squeeze out the last amounts of cash available to them from this game In other words, the average Russian Joe is the major factor when WG adjusts WoT. Mr Russian Joe is usually high on vodka and playing mainly in weekends. Then he wants to take his big stronk tenk out for a spin. The only fun available to him is to blap loose with derpy guns, the bigger the better. It is also important that his tank is virtually impenetrable from most angles. Sidescraping, use of terrain, bush play etc does not make any sense to him. On the contrary this will usually be reported as cheating, unfair gameplay etc This may appear as a joke but Russia is a weird place. Russian women live just as long as in my country(Norway) but Russian men can only expect to live between 55 and 60 years on average. This can largely be related to the extensive misuse of alcohol in all society classes. Pls take ^^ also into consideration when trying to understand what Serb&co does at all times
  9. Quote High accuracy and stabilization. That’s the feature of top representatives of the Soviet LT branch.
  10. @TheMarine0341 Howdy Sergeant- how do you like the WZ so far? I am having a little fun in Maus the few games I play nowadays but maybe I should burn some XP and try it out
  11. My favorite map by far left.. Every tank class could contribute in a balanced way. But ofc the braindead vodkastinking average Russian pubbie has been complaining on the Russian server about this map too 'WTF MI STRONK TENK GETTS WREKKED EVERI FUKKING GEME..ME KOMPLEEINNNNN'
  12. @DirtyACE7, tnx for support of argument. @Strigonx, the level of frustration WoT can give you at times is enormous. But the focus has to be on yourself, not on your team. Chances are big they are turds every single one of them. And player base gets worse and worse. So if frustration builds up either do like a lot of the better players do, take it out in between games. Or you take a break. If you look at a guy like Straik, he can spend as much as 15mins discussing one single game with collegues and for sure dump a truckload of shit on his fellow teammates. Even when he streams it is like that. This is the ctrl+alt+delete process where he builds himself up again preparing for the next game. More or less every game he enters he is the last man to potentially die on his team. He doesnt give up one single game for free no matter how potatolike of frustrating it looks. No suicide, no drowning, no shooting at teammates. Full focus on his own performance. I am sure you have seen it on streams and it is done so for a reason.
  13. Well, with your rapid advance and solid stats improvement I am sure you have watched a lot of the better players out there and what they do. Some choose to play with chat on simply because that makes it somewhat easier to ask for support etc. But most of the truly great solo players out there dont. Here on EU, the polish guy Decha is arguably our nr 1 at the moment. A fantastic player to watch, silk smooth and superb situational awareness. He focuses on driving the best tier X and IX mediums along with a couple of the heaviums and the 50B. He lets some steam off to his viewers between games when both his own and enemy teams or players act stupid but his ingame chat is always dedd quiet. To play consistently in the 5k WN8 level I believe you need absolutely everything your mind can give you. You have to drive so perfectly that every minuscule move you make ideally should be the perfect one. You strive for perfection. Theres no room for your brain to mess with disturbing background noise, which ingame chat largely is. Turn chat off, turn the christmas tree of xvm colors off, enter every game with a level composed mindset. You will profit from it
  14. I looked it up. Actually Marine and saru_richard concluded pretty accurate. You said you were sorry for foul language and stuff.. Friend, when you play solo, turn chat off. You dont need it. I have committed a lot of sins in that department and foul and salty language eventually will mess with your head and your thought processes. You were partly responsible for creating a hostile tone with the T34 endgame. When 12-13 down, 2 clickers in enemy team I would have preferred to stay together with him but ok. If you want to enter deep purple, carry ability is a keyworld. You must look for opportunities to squeeze out the best of your team even when they appear to be the most retarded one-cell organisms on the planet. When 12-13 down you only had half your HP left. All 3 enemy guns were in the 'high alpha big oneshot capability' category Therefore you needed that T34 to live and to squeeze out a couple more shots from him before he dies. I remember a game Zeven uploaded where the endgame was all about him and a retarded obj 704. Zeven drove a vulnerable paper tank with little or no HP left and multiple enemies to kill. He needed that BL-10 to work for him, but the 704 had found his favorite bush. Whole team could melt that didnt matter shit but that was his bush. He would defend it to judgement day. Have we all seen that before in this game or even partly done it ourselves? Zeven realized the situation and managed to drag the rest of the enemy team in front of that BL-10 in the most miraculous manner. But the most impressive thing was Zeven's coolness, his will to never give in, to always try carrying. Friend, you need to cool down and not agitate yourself unnecessary. In difficult games you need all of your processing capabilities. In the 1-1 situation you clearly misjudged the Emil and what he could do. Your situation was difficult but as Marine said your best chance was to get close to him, ram and facehug him, aiming for one of his tracks when ramming in the hope of keeping him still. He has great depression and quick reload so unless you were in the situation to permatrack him which you were not you got to get up on level grounds with him. Staying lower than him only able to take one shot give him all he needs. All your armor was negated, better angle on UFP, your roof, your engine deck etc.
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