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  1. I will thank the lab for all its great work.
    I have decided to leave this game for good, and that includes terminating my account completely.
    I sell 5 vehicles a day, and to not be tempted to even think playing again I also disband my crews.
    Serb & co has gottten their chances to fix the flaws of this game for 5 years now- on the contrary
    they introduce more RNG, lower the skill ceiling, refuse to do smth about arty etc etc.
    There are plenty of other cool games out there that can compete with this complete ignorance.
    Goodbye Ladies and Gents see you on better battlegrounds than this

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Wish you wouldnt have reset your crews :(

    3. Assassin7
    4. ProxyCentauri


      9 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

      Wish you wouldnt have reset your crews :(

      It has become a matter of principle for me. After deleting everything on the account
      I will make contact with WG and make them terminate the account completely.
      Players from the Western hemisphere are the milk and sugar while broke
      Russian schoolkids sets the agenda for the everpresent meta. I cannot support
      and identify with this shayt anymore.

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