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  1. Feel free to add me, though I basically only want the stream fame. I basically never rage or take the game too hard. I dont only play T10 and 9 though, need to grind credits nonstop ans I barely pay for premium. Edit: I turned blue in recent. Sad day.
  2. That's just RNG, dont take it too seriously. I had a 1600wn8 session today..who cares? I will just make up for it tomorrow.
  3. In the past Wargaming made pref MM only by gun penetration. I hightly doubt this one will get pref MM.
  4. Wow, seems my british medium grind wasn't worthless.
  5. Let us hope this is the cash/xp grindfest it COULD be. Looks like fun, though.
  6. 3x T54 is and probably will be forever the best wolfpack. <3
  7. I quit tanks for a good 2 months and I seem unable to find my flow. My consistency is down the drain, I have way too many 0 dmg games and my recent WN8 dropped by about 700. I am absolutely clueless what to do, I tend to blame all the new map reworks I don't know, but am not really sure. Anyone of you faced the same problems?
  8. Hi guys, I haven't played in quite some time and am returning slowly. My gameplay is seriously lacking and I need to get back in shape AND earn credits, no premium for me right now. Since the Hellcat is nerfed horribly, what would you chose? T-34-85? Mainly looking for T5 and T6 now. Thanks!
  9. Salsaheaven


    Just sank some hoursinto it. Great graphics, good but different gameplay and HORRIBLE amounts of xp to gather....
  10. If you have an EU account, add me for toons. You must be doing many things very wrong, and I would gladly help you out.
  11. I can't brawl for shit. I can't fight more than one enemy tank well. I am too inconsistent. I yolo too often and hope to pull of epic plays when in reality, I just fail.
  12. Wtf kewei? Backward research? I always thought that guy knows what he does.
  13. That guy just know where to go hull down EVERYWHERE on every map. He has a great battle anticipation and knows very well how to play arty safe. It's not good reflexes or good aiming. As SWG put it, it is indeed just tactical superiority at a very very high level.
  14. http://wotreplays.com/player/Stefan_xD for anyone interested. This guy is good.
  15. Toons work, of course. We only played 1-2 times together yet anyways
  16. I just met Stefan_XD on twitch again. No replay service for us at wotlabs, but you can find replays of him on wotreplays now. I am on mobile so I cant parse links, someone do it please? You can thank me with ingame gold.
  17. This thread and this opinion is not new, but I wholeheartly agree with Garbad. Fuck clickers.
  18. To everyone doing the mission for the premium tanks, try to play them once. I, for example, would never ever put the least of amount of work into getting a T34. That abomination sucks the fun out of WOT, seriously.
  19. In a land far away, I once got the T34 for free. I played it for a good 500 games I think. DON'T BUY IT IS THE LEAST FUN YOU CAN HAVE IN WOT. It's mobility is horrible, the DPM is horrible, the gun handling is terrible. Just don't even think about buying it, I hate it with a passion.
  20. You still need to teach me light tenks, Scouty_! Come back. :-)
  21. I saw him on luci's stream and asked him to stream. He said he'd love to, but his upload is garbage. Tried to get him to release his replays here, he didn't answer.
  22. Take your time. Noobmeter has the same problems, we blame no one nut Wargaming.
  23. I had a little reroll account with purple WN7. (T49 spam) And XVM camo is not to be underestimated. Arty shits hard on you... So be happy with a worse overall.
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