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  1. What's the general opinion on the clan yolo?  Heard a lot of shit talking.

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    2. Assassin7


      Conversly, if they arent sure they can win, they dont try. 

      Source: we found them in advances today. They brought the same comp all 4 games, and (ironically) Yolod in and got farmed. The most tanks they killed was like 2. 

      Its the fastest we've ever won an advance. 

    3. cavman276


      We got our shit kicked in by fusion after failing to find a full team 2 games in a row.  Then OP spends the whole match with his usual "oh my god, bullshit bro, that's retarded bro, bullshit bro, are you fucking retarded, bro bro bro bro?"


      He drowned at full HP in a team battle and spent the whole match blaming everyone else for losing.

    4. Assassin7


      ^ he did that in one of our games as well. 

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