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  1. Don't know if any of you have been following Charlottesville but I live there.  This is crazy.

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    2. cavman276


      These Nazis marched around chanting Heil Trump.  David Duke said that their goal was to carry out the ideals of Donald Trump, who they voted for.  Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, two of his top advisors, have neo-nazi connections.  Trump's father marched with the KKK.  Jeff Sessions is a known racist.  Not to mention the half-baked statement he released yesterday where he never mentioned supremacists, which the Nazis applauded.  Like it or not, the election of Trump has created this climate and emboldened the racists that invaded my home yesterday.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      "I'm here for 3 reasons

      1. to stand up for the white race

      2. the free market

      3. to kill jews"

      ~guy interviewed at the rally

      If this is what you want to align yourself with and be ok with, that's your mental issue, not mine.

    4. Folterknecht


      So - guilty by association? Just hope no one in your sphere does say/do something "stupid". We had that here in east germany from '33 - '89 and atm they seem hard at work reintroducing some things.