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  1. Don't know if any of you have been following Charlottesville but I live there.  This is crazy.

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    2. Hellsfog


      Point is that it that some poor slob is dead because the people in charge didn't think.  There has been violence, to one degree or another, on both sides at a number of these protest/counter-protest. It was only a matter of time before somebody killed somebody.  It has nothing to do with Trump but with the willingness of people to do violence, whether hitting people in the head with bike locks or cars.   It has nothing to do with racism but with a generalized insanity. 

    3. hazzgar


      @Folterknecht you really view word in such simplistic terms. He used racially charget rethoric. He empowered racists. You think it's just a coincidence racism went on a rise since election? Come on. You can support him but use logic. You are basically supporting the new alt right and that Spencer punched dude idea that as long as you push racial agression in nuanced words and not directly you are not responsible. Not cool


      @Hellsfog if you empower racists with dangerous ideas this will happen the same way as riots will happen if you don't introduce mechanisms into police to lower violence towards poor people which happen to be black.  (Though some negative racial bias has been proven in communities where police brutality happens towards blacks and economists suggest community bias is even more important than the bias in the pd)

    4. Hellsfog


      @hazzgar the violence from the left has been more prevalent from what I read in the papers and see on TV. The inability to acknowledge that violence is what allows it to continue. The inability of the left to ask hard questions about the source of violence is a real and growing problem.  You can use racism as a boogeyman but it is only going to feed this insanity.  


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