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  1. I'm not savvy with this at all - without disrupting my xvm config or changing anything else about the client, is anyone aware of a mod/xvm config edit that can provide team hp pools like this one?


    1. ZXrage


      Uhh im not too sure about XVM configs since I don't use them but I do use a mod like that with PMOD

      You can use Aslain's modpack to pick and choose what you want in your XVM modpack, saves a lot of hassle

    2. Rexxie


      Its PMOD, install it with aslains here, it looks like this:


      Make sure everything else is unticked. After you hit next, uncheck "Delete all previous mods from the game", otherwise you'll lose the mods you have currently installed. Everything should be good to go, you should have all your old mods except with an HP pool now.

    3. cavman276


      Thanks, exactly what I needed

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