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  1. The manticore is fuckin hilarious why didn't I get this ages ago

  2. I thought "there's no way 50 extra horsepower will make this move decently"
  3. I'm not savvy with this at all - without disrupting my xvm config or changing anything else about the client, is anyone aware of a mod/xvm config edit that can provide team hp pools like this one?


    1. ZXrage


      Uhh im not too sure about XVM configs since I don't use them but I do use a mod like that with PMOD

      You can use Aslain's modpack to pick and choose what you want in your XVM modpack, saves a lot of hassle

    2. Rexxie


      Its PMOD, install it with aslains here, it looks like this:


      Make sure everything else is unticked. After you hit next, uncheck "Delete all previous mods from the game", otherwise you'll lose the mods you have currently installed. Everything should be good to go, you should have all your old mods except with an HP pool now.

    3. cavman276


      Thanks, exactly what I needed

  4. I seriously doubt WG gives a fuck about our stats
  5. Honestly at this point wargaming must be killing the game on purpose No one can be this tone deaf
  6. I can use the 150k xp from the avenger missions to either skip the IS (which I hated) and buy and fully research modules for the IS-M, or skip the last 148k of the T69.  I guess I could also buy the 110 and skip straight to the WZ1111111111!!!114.  Nothing else is really feasible to use it on right now for me.  What do?  

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    2. cavman276


      Fuck it, I'll use the first 50k on the 110 and the last 100k on the WZ111!!114 modules

    3. MacusFlash


      Btw don't grind T57 Heavy line. It's not worth it anymore.

    4. kolni


      ^ wrong T57 still gud


      i would however save the XP and skip as much of the T54E1 as possible, quite possibly the worst tier 9 right now

  7. according to tanks.gg it now has a monstrous 390 damage gun with a searing 230 pen (270 gold round if you're feeling crazy)
  8. Been trying to use the wotlabs scale in my XVM for a while now and can't get it to work.  Replacing colors.xc used to be all I had to do.  Any idea what might have changed?  I was gone for a year... 

    Config file:  https://imgur.com/tpvdJHW

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    2. cavman276


      I might be stupid but I'm not sure what that means

    3. Ham_


      Its kind of tedious but you need to replace where it says color in players panel etc. with wn8 instead of xvm so it used wn8 colors instead of xvm

    4. cavman276


      Ohhhh, got it, thanks

      Edit: Colors are right, but being applied to the wrong scale, i.e. 2400 is green

  9. Is this a straight potential 30% hit to everyday users (gaming etc), or something that won't be that noticeable?
  10. Ooo boy, now is really not the time. GPU and RAM prices are batshit insane, and with Ryzen+ around the corner CPU prices should drop too.
  11. the tortoise is.... fun

  12. I paid $214 for my strix 480 last summer. These prices are fucking insane.
  13. Note 8 or wait for S9?  Not interested in the S Pen, and the rear fingerprint scanner next to the camera is infuriating, especially as I tend to use the phone in my left hand.

    1. Fulcrous


      neither. razer phone if you dont care about the camera

    2. cavman276
    3. mostlyhybrid
  14. Just accidentally converted almost 200k xp from the ltwt to free xp.  Back down to 76k/279k for the 100lt.  Fuck me.

    1. mostlyhybrid


      Can't you submit a ticket to undo this sort of stuff?

    2. cavman276


      eh I need the free xp for the AT line more and don't have time to grind more out to convert before the special ends.  the ltwt isn't particularly painful to play at least.

    3. DHP


      Bro.. Your good. A friend of mine bought the Fv 215B (183) INSTEAD OF  the regular 215B on the eve of 9.20.1. 


      Just imagine there are more fucked up mistakes.. you will be good ! :)

  15. shit it is the only game I've stuck with this long
  16. looks like net neutrality dies this December.  guess I'll be retiring from tanks when it costs 9.99/month to access the server

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    2. Assassin7


      Its totally going to effect us outside of the US. Its a worldwide thing. This should be a worldwide thing voted for in the UN and protected by them, frankly. 

      No one outside of the US has any say. And it sucks. 

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Yes, because nearly all servers route through America at some point, but for the few that don't, it won't matter at all.

    4. Archaic_One


      OK, I know what net neutrality is, I thought WG was adding a subscription fee.  Its a non-issue guys, it will change nothing.  The NN law did not exist until 2015 and the internet worked pretty well up until then.  The NN law as its currently crafted is garbage, its essentially a stop-gap administrative memo based on a finding of a single judge in a lawsuit by an agency that probably does not have jurisdiction.  It should have been legislated law and now it will have to be actually legislated.  Nothing is going to change because the FTC >>> the FCC and anti-trust laws are not changing.  Calm thy tits bois, we'll be fine.

  17. I don't know if there's a hell, but if there is, I hope it's especially hellish, because that's where all arty players are going.

  18. maps in this game are absolutely fucking atrocious
  19. why would you get on sandbox to play arty? what in the actual fucking shit?

    1. BlackAdder


      Because some people deserve a bullet between the eyes. That's why. 

  20. holy balls the conq is good

    1. ThomChen114


      hope it stays good after 9.20.1

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