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  1. Looking at passive scouts such as ELC Even 90 and maybe Manticore is Low Noise Exhaust, CVS, and Binos a decent build? 21 hours ago, kolni said: Also what's this about Designated equipment spots? Are they relevant with improved equip in any tank or is it just standard equipment? Because if I'm going to have to reslot them for bonds in the SAME tank for bonuses now I'm retiring If you right click on a piece of equipment it gives you the option to change the slot for free. WG did not advertise this well but it is interesting. More important for some tanks than others, and only when using non-bond equipment. If you have a tank that has a vision spot specialty and you have two pieces of normal vision equipment on the tank, it means you can play five games with the first item in the special slot, then in the garage right click and swap them around and play five games with the other item in the special slot, and then decide which one is most effective for your playstyle (subject to RNG etc). Five games or fifty games your mileage may differ.
  2. 1. I still like World of Tanks, and compared to other PvP games come back to it. 2. Most of equipment 2.0 is a decent first stab at more varied builds. But having a different period that you might remain spotted without you being able to calculate it seems somewhat counter intuitive. 3. Arty should deal zero damage in pub games and only deal damage in CW etc. The three shells should be stun, smoke screen (to hide allies) and star shell (to light enemies). 4. Tier X light tanks are a waste of space and should all be deleted and the light tanks at tiers V-IX given their old stats and +3 MM. (this is obviously never going to happen). 5. Pref MM tanks need to see more 3/5/7 where they are the 3. 6. SerB was good for the game (not sure that this is controversial). 7. Murazor and his ideas were an abomination.
  3. However I do have a T95/FV4201 Chieftain with bounty equipment. Three crews members on three perks (78% fourth) and commander on five perks (57% on sixth) which has 0 battles. I have only ever played it in clan wars. Really interesting read. Back in the day I played a few platoons with you. I had not realised that you were so young. Given your journey in World of Tanks, your dedication to repetition for improvement and mindset and the fact that you are reading engineering at university, let me suggest a book called Black Box Thinking by a guy called Matthew Syed. You can read the whole thing if you want or ignore most of it, and just read the chapters that revolve around James Dyson. I think you will find his theories about iteration of prototypes interesting and you may find an echo in there to your journey in World of Tanks. Thanks for the read.
  4. Ham_ for a better bush camp rating can you look at acceleration and ground resistance figures. I suspect that although the UDES scores high for camo on the move, it might not actually gain speed sufficiently rapidly to get to a bush on it's own side of the map before an opposing enemy medium (maybe with worse camo on the move) can get to a bush on their side of the map if the enemy medium can accelerate to that bush faster than the UDES can get to his own bush. The enemy can thus deny the UDES his bush by virtue of speed. Assumes that the UDES is racing to a bush versus a K-91. I am not taking into account notional top speed of the mediums here, because in the dash to a bush either early game or mid game the distances involved are I am assuming insufficient. You might need to pick a notional distance, say acceleration over 50 metres, or 75 metres to calculate the figures for comparing the mediums.
  5. When you inevitably come back to World of Tanks. Make an EU or RU account. Cons = worse ping. Pro's = much larger server populations and different game play. I have accounts on NA, EU, and RU. From personal experience the servers play very differently. NA - full communication in one language, no agreement, and bads still being foolish and not listening. EU - more campy less communication, but more sophisticated 49%ers. RU - I find that once an opening occurs such as a 2vs1 the players here are much more willing to push hard at a perceived point of weakness. My Cyrillic is non-existent so I would recommend EU unless you can speak Russian.
  6. Help.


    Is this still correct?



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    2. Wanderjar


      yup. It's still good. it was valid as of Jan when I re-tested the numbers. the only time I think it will really change is when Crew/Equipment 2.0 hits tbh but we'll see. I do recheck at least every 6 months if not sooner when a major patch hits

    3. Wanderjar


      also: the post/pic he references is correct but he doesnt have the full picture. the formula is correct but when the RNG selection falls outside the ring (the game renders it as a square) then a flat placement takes effect over the sigma formula

    4. Wanderjar


      for some reason it didnt email me when you commented on that. odd. I'll have to fix it. (edit: fixed. for some reason wotlabs had me unfollow all my posts cuz raisins)

  7. In this thread on the EU forums (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/744564-gun-accuracy-is-the-wiki-wrong/page__pid__17850910__st__20#entry17850910) I have someone telling me that your calculations and graphs are no longer correct. In particular he has referred to pictures on this page = https://ritastatusreport.live/comparison-of-last-3-accuracy-changes-with-the-sansbox/ However when I go through on the patch notes that those pictures refer to there is no stated change to accuracy. Have I missed something? Is he right has there been a change?
  8. source = https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/05/13/supertest-obj-780-initial-stats/ Room under the tank to shoot easier targets behind it? Weird turret
  9. FV101 Scorpion on service in Iraq. Bonus if you can tell me where in the tech tree this real life UK light tank appears?
  10. EU is different in that purple posters will argue points. But then there is a larger population of posters I suspect. However, players who by win rate are bad at World of Tanks will still offer opinions, and if those opinions are called out using facts, they will still often cleave to them despite evidence to the contrary. However this is not merely a reflection of World of Tanks and it's forums. This is a phenomenon of everyday life, and psychologists often refer to something similar as cognitive dissonance.
  11. Is that a more recent Q & A than the one back in December 2019 at https://www.mmowg.net/world-of-tanks-the-future-of-the-game-qa-2020/ If it is please give me a link.
  12. Tier VII The turret sort of works some of the time. It's quite fast for a heavy, so can be almost played as a heavium. The gun is adequate. Even I get good games in it. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5321371#studzianki-arthurwellsley-45tp_habicha I really rather like it.
  13. I used copy and paste from the source site for all the stats. But yes it looks like they have it wrong. On the tank comparison picture from the in game screen shot you can see that is says 2,743, which is still better than the other four in the comparison picture. (T55a = 2,601; Kpt 50T = 2,384; Char Futur 4 = 1,830; UDES 03 03 = 2,373). I wonder if 2,743 makes it to live? Well I suppose it is Russian.
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