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  1. Advent day one. WG sells IS-2M. Is it any different to the IS-Berlin except sold without the super crew?

    1. Haswell


      It probably costs more. :doge:

    2. Fabunil


      Slightly better gun handeling, better armored shoulder plates that can actually bounce stuff when sidescraping,  better turret armor because it doesn't have a giant hole behind the mantlet like on the IS-Berlinand can as a result absorb a lot more shots through it, 20 more health, slightly worse mobility and it carries around  25% more ammunition for some reason.

      So overall it is just a slightly better tank.

    3. Ham_


      Doesn't make a difference when your turret is literally 100mm effective armor and so is your LFP

  2. Taegus and [KITTY] live!
  3. Still no word on where they will come off? I want to untick crew training, and put a new girl crew in a French light to get a crew and some exp grind done.
  4. Tier VII - T26E3 Eagle. Cannot find a thread about it. Does anyone have it? Is it any good? I really like the Warcrimes/Panther M10 is it in any way similar?

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    2. lavawing


      imo buffed sperging is better without being significantly more expensive

    3. sohojacques


      Yeah SP basically gets the same MM.

    4. lavawing
  5. arthurwellsley

    [EU] Looking for platoon mates

    I would do so but friends list and send a single person a message are currently broken. Ingame there is a channel called - forumites password is - play4fun I am usually in that channel, as are quite a few other players who will platoon.
  6. arthurwellsley

    Winged Hussars - your opinions?

    Tier 4 - final light tank. Next one is a medium and you have to change the crew. Tier 5 (25TP) - I have just played through this one. It's a pretty average tier V, nothing stands out. Good gun depression, but the turret is made of cheese and does not bounce anything. Can be made to work due to decent speed. Tier 6 (40TP) - I free exp ed the tracks, turret and top gun. Problem is with the stock engine it moves like a slug. A medium that gets across the map at about the same pace as a KV2 moving away from spawn point. This is going to be one very frustrating grind. Tier 7 - not yet played. First heavy in the line, so time to change the crew again. Tier 8 - not yet played Tier 9 - not yet played
  7. Feel free to add me for platooning. Same ingame name as on here.
  8. arthurwellsley

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Well the 50TP is fun I find. But it does not have Defender levels of idiot proof armour. It needs more skill to play than a Defender, and so you need to think more about where you are going, what you are going to do there, and what the enemy team line up is. However, because reloads faster than the Defender it has much more potential than a Defender in the right hands.
  9. arthurwellsley

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Better for what? You are comparing a paper armour TD/medium hybid with a Heavy Tank. If you are talking about the ability to generate silver note that the shell cost of the 50TP is 880 silver while the Defender is 1025 and the Skorpion G is 1070. The two heavies hit for 440, while the Skorpion G hits for 490. The reload time and thus the dpm is higher on the Skorpion G. In the few games I have played with the 50TP it has made decent silver credits.
  10. arthurwellsley

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Polish tier VIII premium is on sale today on EU or rather "pre-sale" to premium account holders only. EDIT Then it got pulled off sale! EDIT 2 Then on sale again. Oh WG how can you be so competent???
  11. I went inter railing as well, had an absolutely wild time. We went up to Denmark, into Germany and then almost on a whim decided we needed sun and sea and went to southern Italy unplanned.
  12. The whole of the summer holidays before going to university?
  13. WG in NA are doing a free give away with steelseries for WOWP2. The premium time will carry over into WoT, the rest will not. Keys are time limited and here;

    1. Errants


      It's almost as if I've seen this status before...

  14. arthurwellsley

    Best tier 8 LT (tech tree only)

    I play quite alot of tier VIII SH matches and some CW. So I rate the tier VIII lights on the basis of those battles, where all the enemy vehicles will be tier VIII only and the FC wants the scouts (a) to out camo/view range the enemy scouts at the beginning of matches, and (b) possibly eliminate an enemy scout if two on one advantage occurs, and (c.) add some dpm to fights towards the end. For SH where premium tanks get a fair bit of use the Blackdog is the goto light tank. For "tryhard" SH and CW goto light tanks tend to be wz 132 and bc 12t. I play both of those two in pubs to keep the crew perks ticking over and they both work fine. I already have the tier IX and X, but play the tier VIII's for crew exp. I like light tanks.
  15. arthurwellsley

    M4a1 vs Strv 103B

    Did you consider loading an HE round at the start of the encounter when you were looking to get to the tds flank up that steep slope, before he moved? Are those bars on the front modelled to eat HE and HEAT rounds for no damage on the tier X or is it against HEAT rounds only?