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  1. The reward for using the premium are the girl crew members at the higher days of the marathon starting at day 7. See https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/czech-holidays/
  2. by the mission set I meant culminating in the 279e, but also including the lower tier tanks, but thanks for the tip about the final set.
  3. The tier VII SU-100M1 is one of the very best tanks to do bounce two, three, four or five times your health which crop up in the 279e mission set. This tier VII is extremely useful. The tier X Object 268 v4 occassionally gets used in landing zones during campaigns when the designated map is Himmelsdorf, other than that it's a waste of space, although I saw one clan use them to rush 1/2 line on Prok. E3 occasional use on Himmelsdorf. T95 is much nicer grind after the speed buff.
  4. Announced on EU as the tier IX Frontlines reward tank see = https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/tank-festival-start/ Stats from the test in June 2019 = https://ritastatusreport.live/2019/06/24/wot-supertest-ae-phase-i-third-iteration/
  5. The tier IX reward tank for Frontlines will be the American twin track AR Phase 1

  6. The vk4503 now about to be sold as a captured USA version It will come with a zero crew skill commander called Hank "the Tank" Morgan;
  7. It is now on pre-sale to premium account holders on EU server, it comes with clown skin camo as an option
  8. Any rumours, hints or news yet on the hidden tier IX?
  9. arthurwellsley

    HWK 30

    HWK 30 is on pre-sale to premium account customers only on Saturday 9th March 2019. It can be purchased in three packages which come with a 100% crew, but not a crew with a free perk. The basic package is £21.44 so about what you would expect for a light tank. The stats on tanks gg show it being almost identical to the M41 90GF, except the HWK 30 has lower dpm, the damage is the same, but the HWK 30 has a slightly longer reload, in it's favour the HWK 30 has better shell velocity (1,080 vs 830) and better view range (410 vs 400). Tanks gg does not show camo values. The shell velocity is not as good as the recently sold M41D China light tank, but the M41D has 390 view range.
  10. In the video the tier VIII comes off the Leo at tier VII, but we knew that from the news article back in mid December 2018, so I have now got 58k experience on my Leo. In the video at 4minutes 23 seconds you see the tech tree tier VIII in the garage and it has a crew of three. EDITED Anyone have a source for the crew size on the tech tree tier IX and X? Now re-looked at the video and the HUD for the tier X at 6 minutes and 7 seconds seems to also show a crew of three Anyone have a source for the crew size on the new Lansen tier VIII premium? Thanks to Wanderjar below he found an old reference to a crew of four (but that does not fit with a crew trainer for the tech trees with a crew of three = go figure)
  11. I had the USSR mission to bounce twice your vehicle's HP and someone suggested I re-buy the SU-100M1. I agree with Ham_ it's hilariously funny tank, good gun , amazing armour for tier (really bouncy), easy to bully lower tier enemies by assaulting aka mini-Bobject, and also able to hide in a bush when bottom tier.
  12. Thoughts on the new CW reward tank - T95 / FV4201 Chieftain ?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      going off of stats alone its blatantly OP, it takes all of the strengths of the chief mk.6 and T95/chieftain (the normal T95/Chieftain not the 4201 variant) and amplifies them further.

      the best way to describe it is, as if a 260 was forced to crossbreed with a super conquer. thats basically what it will be like.  

      i honestly think it may rival the 907 for most OP CW reward tank, and may possibly replace the super conquer in competitive play.

    2. Haswell


      14 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

      a 260 was forced to crossbreed with a super conquer

      So basically Theresa May: the tank? :doge:

    3. arthurwellsley


      So basically Theresa May: the tank? :doge:

      Very apt description.

  13. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4680290#sand_river-arthurwellsley-panhard_ebr_75_fl_10 Rental tier VIII premium, played on the normal server. Frankly it seems balanced. Sub average players will be punished hard.
  14. Advent day one. WG sells IS-2M. Is it any different to the IS-Berlin except sold without the super crew?

    1. Haswell


      It probably costs more. :doge:

    2. Fabunil


      Slightly better gun handeling, better armored shoulder plates that can actually bounce stuff when sidescraping,  better turret armor because it doesn't have a giant hole behind the mantlet like on the IS-Berlinand can as a result absorb a lot more shots through it, 20 more health, slightly worse mobility and it carries around  25% more ammunition for some reason.

      So overall it is just a slightly better tank.

    3. Ham_


      Doesn't make a difference when your turret is literally 100mm effective armor and so is your LFP

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