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  1. Object 777, Char Futur 4 or AE - Phase 1 = which is recommended?

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      777 is another typical RU heavy

      AE is an american Conq

      Char is most interesting of the 3 so far, but likely has the highest skill ceiling of them all with that 4 second intra-clip and lack of armor 

    3. kolni


      Char looks fun

    4. lavawing


      The 777 and Char strike me as novelty tanks - weird quirks that make them slightly different to play than their tech tree counterparts, but also distinctly limited.

      The AE1 is a smaller Conq with HEAT so it's very good, to say the least. It's also the least unique.

      Also bear in mind the AE might become obsolete if the M103 gets its supertest buffs giving it better gun handling, more armour and E5 DPM.

      I'd wait for them to buff the 777 which at this point is probably inevitable.

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