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  1. Help.


    Is this still correct?



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    2. Wanderjar


      yup. It's still good. it was valid as of Jan when I re-tested the numbers. the only time I think it will really change is when Crew/Equipment 2.0 hits tbh but we'll see. I do recheck at least every 6 months if not sooner when a major patch hits

    3. Wanderjar


      also: the post/pic he references is correct but he doesnt have the full picture. the formula is correct but when the RNG selection falls outside the ring (the game renders it as a square) then a flat placement takes effect over the sigma formula

    4. Wanderjar


      for some reason it didnt email me when you commented on that. odd. I'll have to fix it. (edit: fixed. for some reason wotlabs had me unfollow all my posts cuz raisins)

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